Rodríguez Uribes takes office as the minister of Culture

The act of transfer of the portfolio of minister of Culture and Sport, José Guirao and José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes has been this Monday one of the busiest on r

Rodríguez Uribes takes office as the minister of Culture

The act of transfer of the portfolio of minister of Culture and Sport, José Guirao and José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes has been this Monday one of the busiest on record at the headquarters of the plaza del Rey in Madrid. On the one hand, there were the “friends and peers” of a long career in different institutions of the new minister, that he wanted to thank his presence in the packed room. On the other, they turned to the act two women ministers (Teresa Ribera, vice president of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge and María Jesús Montero, Finance), and numerous personalities from the world of Spanish culture (producers, directors, and presidents of board of trustees of museums, libraries, or film libraries, representatives of management entities, dancers, actors...), desiring to establish a first contact with the newcomer, without experience in what they call “the industry”.


in Praise of the standards Against regression and the disenchantment

Guirao, who has been a year and a half in office, “which, half has been in functions,” she lamented, advised the new minister, between hesitant and cautious, in which place to wear for the cameras-and where not to leave the brand-new wallet (“in the ground, don't!”). Rodríguez Uribes picked up the witness with a defense of culture as something “not closed”. “The culture is film, theatre, books, museums, music... but they are also values,” he said, extending the echo of a tweet with that this weekend thanked his appointment, and that, as he recalled, had a few reproaches for having forgotten some of the arts. “I would like to expand the vision of the culture, with values that serve us to live in freedom and in peace, and that they are part of the public ethics,” he added, making clear his training in the philosophy of right.

The new minister, who asked for “patience in the beginning to the media”, and that will shape in the next week, his new team (presumably, in the Council of Ministers tomorrow to agree on the appointment of his chief of staff, Monica Serrano), he also wanted to remember four “nature”: his “master Gregory Fish-Beard”, that this Monday he had met 82-year-old Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, with whom he worked with in his time as director general of Support to Victims of Terrorism (2006-2011), the philosopher Emilio Lledó (and his “theory of seed”) and Antonio Machado, from whom he rescued a proverb: “The eye you see is not / an eye because you see; / it is an eye because it sees you".

The appointment was a response to an allusion of Guirao, who recommended to his successor that, “of all the senses”, use “especially heard.” “Are the creators and the citizens that make the culture”, he explained. “We will accompany you discreetly in the background. If any merit we have had in our team it has been the practice partners with all sectors. Listen to all the world, what they want and want, because culture is a matter of consensus and gathering.” Guirao also recalled that Rodriguez Uribes left a lot of “material legislative develop”, as the law of the sport. The new owner, for his part, made a brief reference to an attribution, the sports, the who is also a minister: “When Pedro Sanchez offered me the position, I told him I accepted it, but that I needed to know that I was madrid. Obviously, now I'll be, because to be neutral”.

Among the attendees, there were also several members of the team Guirao, interested in keeping his work in front of these areas to develop their programs sketchy in the previous legislature. Both Adriana Moscoso (director general of Cultural Industries), as Beatriz Navas (director of the Institute of Sciences and Audiovisual Arts), Amaya de Miguel (INAEM) and Román Fernández-Baca casares (director of Fine Arts) have been made available to the new minister with his wish to continue. Javier Rivera (director of the Institute of Cultural Heritage) prefer to return to their classes at the University. Are also pending appointments of the Address of the Book and Promotion of Reading, the front of which was briefly the poet Olvido García Valdés, and the Secretariat.

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