I don't want the three teachers that vejaron my daughter back to be near kids

"I don't want the three teachers that vejaron my daughter back to be near children", has assured in declarations to the journalists, the mother of the autist

I don't want the three teachers that vejaron my daughter back to be near kids

"I don't want the three teachers that vejaron my daughter back to be near children", has assured in declarations to the journalists, the mother of the autistic child of five years who last summer complained to three teachers of the public school in Dos Hermanas (Seville) in which I was enrolled for an alleged crime of degrading treatment and other violence continued against the small, diagnosed with syndrome of the autistic spectrum. This Monday, the progenitor, Rocío Rodríguez, has given testimony in the courts of this sevillian town by the complaint that the three teachers presented against her in November 2019 after this create a group of Facebook —with the name #YosoyValeria— in which you posted comments that, according to the complainants, violate their right to privacy. “All I've done is that what happened to my daughter not again happen to another child”," said Rodriguez after his statement to the judge in a case that continues in the investigation stage. Also, the complaint you filed it against the teachers are also still stuck in that phase.


The teacher accused of vejar to a child with autism reported to the mother by bullying Andalusia investigates four teachers for making fun of a girl with autism in Seville, Andalusia opens file to the teachers who mocked a child with autism

Rodriguez opened the profile #YosoyValeria last July after placing a camera in the backpack of your daughter and make sure that the educators —the tutor in the special education classroom, the monitor and the speech therapist of the CEIP Cervantes— heading to the lower "in tone, derogatory, taunting her and shouting," with comments such as “There you stay, what hit you?” or “has Already been trastocao” (the teachers were recognized in the audio and not opposed to transcriptions).

Was the anomalous behavior of the small, two epileptic attacks nearly in a row, and excessively nervous, which led the parents to record what happens in the classroom. Rodriguez shared part of the audio in the profile #YosoyValeria and were commented upon by a good part of its 6,000 members.

In that group, the mother warned that one of the three teachers —who were in poor health when the facts were reported— would be incorporated as an interim in another center of the sevillian town of Mairena del Alcor at the beginning of the new school year. “If you know parents of that school, please, I just want you to be aware”. The message included the audio with the outrage of the teachers and the resolution of the Board with the appointment of the professor, its square, center of destination and duration. The publication generated a great deal of a stir, and the educator came back to unsubscribe.

The circumstances that led to the complaint later of the teachers against the mother, that shows that his current situation is “unsustainable" because they "are affected in their health and in their social and professional lives”. “What I have done is to protect children, this has to end,” he insisted Rodriguez this morning. "I want you to take action to that are not with children, that allows them to do administrative work, but not near children," he insisted. His lawyer, Javier Jaenes, has had the effect that administrative actions and legal taken by his defended and the own profile of Facebook does not have as a goal “to attack the three teachers, but to preserve the educational system.” “Parents should know which teachers have their children. No one wants people who are not prepared and no vocation to take care of them,” he added.

“This process is very dangerous because of the fact that the teachers have denounced the mother, deters other families to report behaviors that harm the teachers towards their children,” warns Katy Smith, a member of the Foundation Antonio Guerrero, who has been advising the Dew from the beginning of the process. Blacksmith talks while rolled with force a banner in pink, in support of this mother, that has peaked coupled to a quarantine of parents of children with special needs and members of the foundation in a silent to the doors of the courts this morning. “It cannot be that the victims end up becoming guilty,” he says.

precautionary Measures paralyzed

The behavior of the three educators sparked a huge outrage among the public opinion and led to the immediate action of the services of the Inspection of the ministry of Education. Its owner, Javier Imbroda, said then that he did not want “that professionals such as these were in the system”. The director general of Human Resources of the concierge, Juan Carlos Aunión, warned that his department would take the necessary measures to prevent that the three teachers could return to teaching. However, one of them was presented to the oppositions on the same day that I had to go declare to the courts by the case of the autistic child, and, subsequently, to be in the bag caretaker was awarded the square in Mairena del Alcor. Currently, as confirmed by Antonio Guerrero, president of the foundation that bears his name, that same teacher is giving classes in a centre of Seville.

The regional government of Andalusia initiated a sanctioning procedure against the three educators who are paralysed by the openness of the judicial process against them, lodged by the family of the autistic child to the 31st of may. It is to this circumstance that appeals to the department to justify not have imposed precautionary measures against teachers, such as claims and Dew Foundation Antonio Guerrero. “You can't take the temporary suspension of the teachers because we do not currently have legal mechanisms", explained to this newspaper from the ministry of Education. “When a judicial pronouncement is activated in the administrative process and the measures to the rules”, they say.

Regarding the situation of the teacher investigated for the alleged abuse to the autistic child and who has been reinstated to the teaching, from the Education ensures that “the inspector of Seville is aware of the situation permanently, ensuring that the classroom is always another teacher” and explain that the floor covering is that of a teacher of Therapeutic Pedagogy and conducts its work in a regular classroom.

His lawyer has declined to make a statement about it. The parents of the small have sought to extend the investigation for an offence of physical abuse and that it is permitted that a forensic doctor examine the child to determine the possible sequelae suffered by the maltreatment he suffered in the center. Both requests have been denied by the judge trainer, and the decision has been appealed by the family.

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