‘Pain and glory’ of director Pedro Almodóvar, will opt for the Oscar for best movie international

The long journey of the Spanish film has finished. 14 years have gone by, so many other films, and a result is always identical: any achieved the nomination, no

‘Pain and glory’ of director Pedro Almodóvar, will opt for the Oscar for best movie international

The long journey of the Spanish film has finished. 14 years have gone by, so many other films, and a result is always identical: any achieved the nomination, no one escaped from the desert. Was missing, probably, the most expert. And who better knows the way back to the oasis. Pain and glory, of Pedro Almodóvar, has earned this Monday a nomination for the Oscar for best movie international, as announced by the Academy of Hollywood. This was not from Mar adentro, by Alejandro Amenábar, which won in 2005. Almodóvar returns to the gala for the fourth time, with his film more personal, and after an absence even more durable: it has been 17 years since the triumph of Talk with her, which he managed two nominations and took the award for best original screenplay, written by Almodóvar.


All of the nominees for the Oscars 2020 Antonio Banderas, nominated for best actor at the Oscars for ‘Pain and glory’ ‘Pain and glory’ and ‘Parasites’, mourning for the Oscar for best movie international

is Not the only joy for Pain and glory: Antonio Banderas has also been nominated for best actor, for the first time in his career, for his role as Salvador Mallo, a filmmaker of 60 years, body and soul aching, and a sort of alter ego of the director. If you sum the candidacy of Klaus, Sergio Pablos, the best work of animation, you get a milestone in the history of Spanish cinema: for the first time, two long out of production national eligible for the Oscar in the same year. You can see all the nominations here.

The gala of the 9th of February will be announced the winners: Parasites, of the south-Korean Bong Joon-ho, is the favorite and main rival of Almodóvar, as best film international. The category changes this year in name because the Academy considers that the "foreign-speaking" is an obsolete concept. The director of south korea already won the Golden Globe and the fact that Parasites choose also best film and direction of the year complicates the options of Almodóvar. The Polish Corpus Christi, macedonia Honeyland and the French ' les miserables complete this category.

When he announced his candidacy, Almodovar was in London, in a scale of your return flight to Madrid from Los Angeles, where he had traveled Saturday to pick up two awards for Pain and glory, one of them critical of the city. From the airport, the director said in a statement: "make Me very happy these nominations. It is the perfect ending to the career of the film. Antonio has been a part of my filmography and my life since more than 30 years ago, to get his first nomination for this film fills me with pride". What is certain is that the nomination extends the list of awards that you are getting Pain and glory practically since its premiere: at the Cannes film festival, Banderas received the award for best actor. Repeated at the European Film Awards, where he was also recognized as the art direction Antxón Gómez. The film has 16 nominations for the Goya awards, whose gala will be held on the 25th of January, and will at the Bafta for the best foreign language film.

it Also expands the curriculum of Almodóvar, already overflowing with awards. It is the fourth time that reaches the final selection of the Oscar. In 1989, Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, competed as best foreign-language film, but the award went to Pelle the conqueror, Bille August. On his second visit, in 2000, Almodóvar took home the Oscar in the same category for All about my mother. And, in 2003, to Talk with she was awarded for her script, he managed another nomination for best director, but not as the best foreign language film. Won a place in Africa, Caroline Link.

The director is now searching for his second Oscar for best foreign-language film, and the fifth for the Spanish cinema: in addition to All about my mother and the Sea inside, won the statuette Back to start, José Luis Garci, in 1983, and Belle Epoque, Fernando Trueba, in 1992. Only Italy, with 11 victories, and France, with nine, totaling more awards in this category.

Pain and glory tells the story of Mallo and his torments. The age, the regrets, a back surgery, the isolation and fear that they will never shoot a film condemn the director to a melancholy second to none. The protagonist seems to own Almodóvar, although the creator has clarified that the work is not fiction: baby, your life and your feelings, but from there to romanticize another existence. There are, however, similar apparent: the character has his hair and his house in the film replicates that of Almodóvar. The same furniture, pictures, books. Although you can that the movie will turn change the real home of the director: perhaps, in February, need to search the site for another Oscar.

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