Setién, a life worshipping the ball

“makes player the ball, not run after him”. These words of Quique Setién in an interview in THE COUNTRY define the philosophy of football that presides over the

Setién, a life worshipping the ball

“makes player the ball, not run after him”. These words of Quique Setién in an interview in THE COUNTRY define the philosophy of football that presides over the mind of this coach, cantabrian that the 61-year-old faces the biggest challenge of his career: train to Barcelona. Just a few months ago, while Betis and Barcelona managed the signing of Junior, officers of the Catalan club he commented to the betis that Quique was one of the coaches that you had in mind for your bench. It was precisely in the Betis, the club that he led from 2017 to 2019, where the style of Setién offered their best football. And that's the main thing for the engineer is not the result itself. What makes you enjoy as a coach is to play well. “When I play the Barcelona of Cruyff I saw reflected what I felt”, he confessed to this newspaper. A touch football and possession, which has already called the attention in the Lugo, the club ascended to the Second Division, and then on The Palms.


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the officers of The Betis were pledged with Setién in a knockout Cup in which the andalucians beat Lugo in the shootout a single match at the Benito Villamarín. In Lugo is a benchmark. Took the team to Second in 2013 and continued it for three courses without anxiety in the silver category, where it was known as the Barcelona of the category for their game of possession and touch. The Palms arrived in 2015 on the day ninth, replacing Paco Herrera and kept the team in the canary islands with solvency and revaluing to players as Roque Mesa, Vicente Gómez, Jonathan Viera and Tana. The best came in his second year, when the team canary was close to fighting for a european position, although in the end he failed to do it, leaving the club after some misunderstanding with the presidency. Gran Canaria is considered the best coach in the recent history of the Sports Union.

Setién landed at Betis in the summer of 2017. It quickly became with the costume, putting his hand to Joaquin and by doing that the players will enjoy with their workouts. The sides and ends were amazed when Quique said that we should not focus always on the area if there was no possibility of auction. That it was better to start and play it back, spinning a rondo infinite which gave Betis a unique personality in his game. The style of Setién, however, not succeeded in the beginning. Betis struggled to achieve good results, which did not arrive until a second round in which the team is fired up to reach the sixth place and to get a european classification unexpected. Betis returned to Europe five years later and his players enjoyed with a technician who, despite everything, he struggled to connect with the crowd in andalusia. “Setién has made me prolong my career,” said Joaquin, one of the players that more lay on the lack of the absence of the coach at the beginning of this course. Betis Joaquin, Saved, Bartra, Canales, Tello, Fabian and Mandi shot up to levels that were not expected, with a 3-5 in the derby in the area of Seville that alter the heart of the béticos. Of the hand of Setién prospered Fabian, sold by Betis to Napoli for € 30 million. Also homegrown players such as Francis, Junior (18 million to Barcelona) and Loren, seated at the first campus.

Betis european grew with the arrival of players like Celso or William Carvalho. The style remained the same, possession, touch, and ball, to end up drawing matches memorable as the 3-4 at the Camp Nou against Barcelona or the 1-2 against Milan in the Europa League. Betis went like a shot, reaching the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey, where he was eliminated by Valencia after going winning 2-0 the rest of the duel back in the Villamarín.

however, this is a good Betis de Setién accused the fatigue of playing three competitions. Was eliminated in the first round of qualifiers in the Europa League against Rennes and the team in seville was only able to get tenth. The bad relations of Setién with Lorenzo Serra, the director of sports, an idol for the fans, ended up shedding his image in a tier with the who does not know how to fit in. Setién remained more of a dispute with the fans, who sang the “Quique go away” on several occasions. Despite the fact that the managers of Betis wanted to keep it, the atmosphere was unbreathable. “I should have empatizado a little more to the fans of Betis. That point on the irrationality of a follower of Betis collides with a guy from the north who always looks for arguments. There is a discrepancy that exceeds the issues football. I will try to improve this in the future,” said Setién in his farewell to the Betis. Throughout the first round of this League, his name had been chosen in case of the removal of Rubi, had a beginning very irregular. Would have gone back to Betis in a second stage. The past October 30, Fekir scored in the discount before the Celtic and the team betis won, which frustrated the return of Setién.

In the andalusian club, Setién led a total of 94 matches, with a record of 39 wins, 22 draws and 33 defeats. Got Betis in Europe after five years, took him to a semi-final of the Cup 14 courses after, multiplied the value of the template and potentiated the quarry. In addition, accumulated triumphs with historical Betis: won for the first time in history in the same course in the stadium at Barcelona and Madrid; they beat Madrid twice in a row at the Bernabeu for the first time in the history of Betis; he was the first coach betic defeated Atletico Simeone; won at Sevilla in the Villamarín 12 years later, at the Camp Nou after a further 20 and was the only coach to win the big three of LaLiga in the last five years.

Quique was a soccer player at Racing, Atletico Madrid, Local, and Lift. He played also three matches for Spain and was called up for the World cup 86, but did not play even a minute. As a coach, Setién has led the Racing team, Poli Ejido, Local, Lugo, Las Palmas and Betis.

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