Analysis: Is the Coronavirus for something else?

The Coronavirus-crisis seduced to exploit the pathogen. Plump and expectable is the politically motivated exploitation, which is no Surprise – operates in Switz

Analysis: Is the Coronavirus for something else?

The Coronavirus-crisis seduced to exploit the pathogen. Plump and expectable is the politically motivated exploitation, which is no Surprise – operates in Switzerland – this, too, especially the SVP . The spread of Sars-CoV-2 is a fundamental, next may, and the limitation of the initiative to agree with my some of its exponents.

On Twitter to be employed in addition, comparisons of the relationship between Coronavirus and climate change, in the style of: The Virus drives the people harder than climate change, what is the evidence that it was in the case of the Latter, a "Hype".

And then there is a FDP-politician who took advantage of the Corona-crisis to propagate homeopathic Chügeli medicine.

These pronouncements and their authors no longer fall into the category of "intellectual satisfaction capable", which is why we let them unchallenged will-o-us of a more refined species of Coronavirus-profiteers turn to: that of the Psychologisierer, the Symbol of wise men, and the metaphors of the hunter.

Their argument goes something like this: the fear of The Virus is irrational, because it stands in stark mismatch to the real threat. The difference between the objectively low-risk, and subjective alarm-wing perception is to a certain extent, fill up, by interpreted the Virus as a metaphor for a Semi - or subconscious repressed fear.

The Virus appears to us according to this reading as dangerous, because it stands in truth for something else. The reasoning works like the old shell game trick, the psycho-analyst: The seemingly Obvious is deceptive, the true cause of fades away to the untrained eye and must be detected by the specialists there, where you would have expected of a layman, never.

The quasi-religious aspects of this claim have already been often described. This is particularly evident in the case of the Corona pathogen, such as arbitrary he is. Behind the supposedly irrational fear of the Virus what is ... Yes, exactly? All of our discomfort in the face of globalisation? The fear of us alone in front of the world to defend, as the Italian sociologist Ilvo Diamanti believes? The need to reduce the complexity of the reality? The memory of the "ultimate randomness and insignificance of our life", as the philosopher and psychoanalyst, Slavoy Zizek conjectured in the NZZ? The Virus Protagonist is in a "fear of narrative" (the word in this context is inevitable), reflect our reactions makes the "growth of science as a result of the Implosion of political ideas and visions?" (The author Matthias Heitmann in the magazine "Cicero"). Or is it simply the fear of death? And while we're at it, why not all together?

"As the normal flu"

The Corona-meta phoriker are all the more questionable in both of your assumptions are wrong. Because, first, the fear of the Virus is neither excessive nor irrational. Most virologists believe that the mortality of Covid-19 is between seven and ten times higher than those of a seasonal flu. Nevertheless, US President, Donald Trump claimed on behalf of many others, the infection was "a little like the normal flu we have flu shots".

If two things differ in a relevant criterion by a factor of 10 – it came then in any other area of someone in the sense you describe as more or less equivalent to? Who the infection with the Coronavirus as a more severe flu dismiss, you should reduce the wage to 90 per cent, with the justification that this is still about the same as before.

in Addition, according to the experts, up to 20 percent of Patients in hospital treatment have to go. And because the Virus is quite contagious and, in turn, in contrast to a flu – no one is immune to it, there is the danger that a considerable part of the population is infected. The health system is most likely a huge challenge.

This does not mean that the Apocalypse falls on us. But, the Situation is even without in-Depth psychological projections seriously, the measures ordered are justified and we should behave accordingly.

No hunting on the North Italian

it is also Wrong for the second reason, a statement of the meta-phoriker, namely, that the panic rule. Are the stock looted, with desinfecting gel? There are witch hunts against North Italians? Scared people barricade themselves in their homes? No, you commute is still daily to work, eating in Restaurants, and our children go to school. That is, in pharmacies no Gel more, and in the Migros some of the shelves are half empty, is not an expression of hysteria, but sensible hygiene prevention and Preparedness in the event of a quarantine.

words to distinguish things from each other. Who calls the current behavior of the population panic, do the opposite.

The attempt to interpret the Coronavirus as a metaphor and its Background, socio-logical, to illuminate psychological or political, is based on a double misconception in the foreground. What comes as an enlightenment therefore, is, in truth, mystification. The Coronavirus is not a metaphor, but a reality to which the Public has responded so far, surprisingly level-headed. The less nonsense is geraunt, the greater the chances that it remains so.

Created: 06.03.2020, 20:07 PM

Updated Date: 06 March 2020, 21:02

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