The Virus with dancing

Quite simply, it was never in the Zurich Clubs to get in. Since this Thursday you need a bit more to it: a cell phone. And to tell the readiness of the own numb

The Virus with dancing

Quite simply, it was never in the Zurich Clubs to get in. Since this Thursday you need a bit more to it: a cell phone. And to tell the readiness of the own number and perhaps your name. Otherwise, this is nothing to do with the Dancing.

Who has a phone, like those three men, to on Thursday evening at half past one in the future, it will be blocked by the bouncer. Since all of the persuasion strategies help (beg, ask, insist) nothing. "The new rules are," says the bouncer. According to. To hear it all.

Zurich night life

Since last Tuesday, the Zurich club scene running in crisis mode. suddenly seemed possible Trigger the cantonal health Directorate was. In a communication recommended to all Clubs, their events cancelled. So the self-closing. To be great is the risk that, in the narrow rooms, the Coronavirus growing. The Clubs understood to be the recommendation as a threat. Suddenly seemed possible, what is actually considered to be inconceivable: Zurich's night life.

As the First apply now: QR-Code scan. Photo: Reto Oeschger

On Wednesday, numerous Club met exponents for a crisis meeting. They decided to be themselves actively to the further limitations to previously. The main measure which must in Future register all Club visitors with a phone number and sometimes name. This will enable the tracking of the Virus and Send alerts, if it should come in a Club to a contagion. Not into the Clubs is allowed, who has a fever, is coughing, or just from a Corona-risk area returned home. The Clubs to clarify on different channels about the Virus.

How the new Regime works, see you on Thursday evening in front of the Club Plaza. "Night of the seminar" is the name of the party series, tailored to students. Sometimes the queue is congested, the half street block. This Thursday more than 20 people are rare. The intake is a bit more cumbersome than usual.

"The Internet has helped us"

designed In a day, the operators have a login system. "The Internet has helped us," says Plaza co-owner Tony Bolli. QR Codes facilitate the registration. They hang around the entrance to the walls. If you scan them with your phone, you can send an SMS with his name. The Bouncer, who receives this SMS, controlled by the input with the ID card. "Anything else would take too long," says Tony Bolli. The information you store only two weeks. As long as the incubation time of the Virus. "After that, we delete everything."

The Premiere on Thursday evening is a success. The technique is running. Security's to clarify the Incoming. Hardly a grumble. If you had no problems, the name plus mobile phone number? Not really, say the visit asked the inside.

Social Distancing on the dance floor? Difficult. Photo: Reto Oeschger

"We have wrestled with the obligation to register," says Alexander Bücheli of the Bar - and Club Commission, the Association of the Zurich Clubs. "This is a drastic measure, not all visitors will appreciate you." But the club showed that they take the Situation seriously and responsibility would apply. "We want a certain degree of planning security." You would not need to every Morning, the Situation is completely new to assess. Not constantly, with a closing expected. "This would damage our industry and the suppliers," says Bücheli.

"We are no-risk group. I worry more than my grandmother."A guest at the Plaza

In the Plaza is celebrated as if it was nothing. A lot of dancing, some embraced. Social Distancing on the Dancefloor is a contradiction in itself. Also, the high volume brings people closer to each other more. Corona stress? A bit, says a group of 18-Year-old. But to give up on the output, it would be an exaggeration, you will find. "We are no-risk group. I worry more than my grandmother." Worse, the racism, the Corona-promote fear, be a says. His colleague confirmed. He'll now often makes stupid, because he look Asian. How he react to it? With a deliberate cough. All laugh.

The Bar - and Club Commission could force no operation, of the jointly agreed measures to implement, says Alexander Bücheli. "But I'm going to assume that this is now the Standard in the Zurich night."

a Lot of celebrating, as if nothing had happened. Photo: Reto Oeschger

the future, an Institution at the Zurich Thursday evening, has already been converted. Here, it is sufficient, however, the mobile phone number. Name and ID are not required. The phone number is suitable, at best, to reach people in an emergency, says Alexander Bücheli. They wanted to not collect too many data. "And for people without a phone or without a credit, it will be in the future paper lists."

Inside, it could be full. But it is also empty. In front of the sink in the men's toilet you have to wait. In the Fumoir of a, which is already a bit older, he says he fear that this Corona-thing an effect similar to Aids. "The people begin to mistrust and mutually alienating."

a spell

The registration is off to a good start, judge Alexander Bücheli after the first night. Logically the event in the night life from time to time in spell. "But the collaboration is basically in there." Up to the 15. In March, the new Regime applies, certainly, says Bücheli. Then the Federal judge the situation. He hopes that the Zurich club have given up then take a breather. "We are in contact with the Canton. He welcomed our Initiative."

To Gonzo, which is a little further up the long road, you come this Thursday inside without having to wait. Also here applies: admission only with a cell phone. On the Gonzo-dance floor, notorious for its density, rotate around two o'clock a few Scattered through the disco-fog.

"It would not be surprising if the situation deteriorates further."Alexander Bücheli, Bar - and Club Commission

"It was a rainy Thursday evening. The last wage payment is already two weeks," says a night-life connoisseur. "There's a lot of never really runs out." The consequences of the Virus to assess, is difficult. Probably, the number of visitors will decrease. "But the Party goes on."

Many of the Clubs were already losses of sales, says Alexander Bücheli. "And it would not be surprising if the situation deteriorates further. There is a certain uncertainty."

"Pizza Corona, tu vuoi?"

Out on the long road to the Wind-empty beer cans rattling. People you see a few. Except Klaus. In front of the small basement club with dozens of stand. The Waiting willing to hold your mobile phones. The Corona procedure has been the talk of around.

Two young women have been classified, they speak Italian, eat a Pizza to go. One of the two holds her piece of a man who is flirting just. "Pizza Corona, tu vuoi?" The man hesitates briefly. And to bite.

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