Preventive entry checks for the Schengen area

The Federal Council has delivered on the Friday two messages to the Development of the Schengen information system (SIS), as well as to the creation of the Euro

Preventive entry checks for the Schengen area

The Federal Council has delivered on the Friday two messages to the Development of the Schengen information system (SIS), as well as to the creation of the European travel information and approval system (Etias) to the Parliament. He expects it to provide additional security in the Schengen member States, including Switzerland.

The European trip information and approval system (Etias) is a further development of the Schengen acquis, the need to take over the Switzerland. It will enable to identify risks associated with the entry of visa-exempt third-country nationals in the Schengen area and in Switzerland.

Etias list contains also a Monitoring. This contains data of persons suspected of a terrorist or other serious criminal Offence, or where appropriate indications exist. The Etias System has been adopted by the EU in the autumn of 2018.

- entry permit needed

to apply for Who wants to travel must be via the website or App permission. Entered the professional activity must be in addition to data for the Person, and it must be answered personal questions about entries into the criminal records or stays in war zones. Also, minors are in need of an application.

The Set of request costs 7 Euro fee as the explanatory notes of the Federal Council to remove. The national Etias-authority decides on the basis of the entries, whether the entry is approved. This is denied can be appealed by the applicant or the Applicant of the decision.

The System also stores the IP address from which the request was submitted. The examination of the application is automated by the data are cross-checked with other databases. The goal is to identify people who pose a danger to the safety and public health in the Schengen area or a migration risk, as it says in the report template.

Without this authorization, third countries can enter the country nationals in Switzerland. Thus, Switzerland may introduce Etias, must be adapted to the immigration and integration law (AIG), as with the Etias, and the travel authorization entry conditions for third-country nationals change.

someone Has received the approval, that does not mean, according to the message, that entry is automatically possible. The other requirements of border control are not satisfied, you may be refused entry, despite the approval. Citizens of a Schengen state and the EU do not fall under the regulation governing Etias. Exceptions apply for recognised refugees, stateless persons as well as people who have a right of residence in a Schengen state.

tender of persons in need of Protection

The second message of the Federal Council relates to the Expansion of the Schengen information system. On the one hand, the search is improved. Among other things, the Schengen obligation-States, persons tendering are suspected of committing terrorist offences.

can a New "vulnerable" persons as a preventive measure advertised and so on a trip abroad are detained, such as the Federal Council writes.

about possible victims of forced marriage, female genital mutilation or trafficking in human beings are Meant to be. Children could be abducted by the father or the mother, can be on a Europe-wide tender, if there is a risk that they could be illegally in a country outside of the Schengen area brought.

Preventive advertised to children or young people can also be, if there is a risk that they will be drafted into armed groups or forced could be "hostilities" to participate actively, such as the Federal Council points out in its explanatory notes.

the cooperation in the field of return should be improved. In the developed SIS all the return decisions of third-country nationals advertised and in order for the member States to see. To facilitate the removal of people who are irregularly residing in a Schengen state. (sda)

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