We were able to detect no remorse

What is an appropriate sentence for a Thai national, the 78 destitute and uneducated country, people are trafficked for Prostitution in Switzerland, and forced

We were able to detect no remorse

What is an appropriate sentence for a Thai national, the 78 destitute and uneducated country, people are trafficked for Prostitution in Switzerland, and forced and degrading conditions, to purchase let? Eight and a half years are enough, because she regrets today, what happened, how her defenders claimed? Or twelve years is more reasonable, since it is a wire dipper on the top level of the hierarchy of a human-trafficking ring, as the Prosecutor argued?

The Bernese Oberland court, like the lower court: Appropriate for ten and a half years imprisonment. The 60-year-old P. P. has spoken from all in the scene, only Mam – yesterday, because of human trafficking in three additional cases, guilty. Thus, the number of their victims increasing to 78. The regional court of Berner Jura-Seeland had spoken to the Thai in July 2018, 75 cases, guilty. Your defender Philipp Kunz appealed against the judgment, as a Prosecutor, Anna, Tina Schultz – the case came last week before the Supreme court.

"You know, there are discount if one confesses to."Court President Hans-Peter Kiener about the "tactical" confession

then the surprising turn: p. p. accepted all of the guilty verdicts. The only Penalties denied them. You've thought a lot in prison and I see that you've made mistakes, gave the 60-Year-old ruefully. The nightmares and suicidal thoughts in some women and TRANS people you didn't know. Sorry. Back home, she wanted to start a new life.

The Bernese Oberland court, and not the remorse. In yesterday's judgment, the court President Hans-Peter Kiener stressed that there are two different confessions – one of which was the tactical confession. "You know, there is a discount if you admit it," he said. "We were able to identify with her, no regrets." Obviously, p. p. see today, "as a kind of benefactress". With emphasis he added: "the fate of the victims has never interested her. Hopp, hopp!"

Huge costs

With the saying, "Hopp, hopp!" was a Mam, which has prostituted itself never powered up their sex workers to work. They had to report to the Boss in the home regularly via Chat, how many suitors had she, how much money they had earned – money that they had to leave immediately. The debt for the counterfeit visas and air tickets, with which P. P. had transported their victims, in Switzerland, were horrendous. Or as court President Kiener said: "Blatant usury."

With the acceptance of the 75 convictions had to judge the Bernese Oberland court only on the cases where the lower court, the people had spoken trader due to the thin evidence-free. Likewise, it had to adapt, where appropriate, the degree of punishment. State attorney Anna Tina Schultz pleaded to an aggravated Penalty, defender Philipp Kunz, however, claimed that the leave the free spells as such, and to reduce the degree of punishment. In 10 of the additional 13 cases, ruled the Supreme court yesterday, the evidence is "simply too thin".

"Giant" effort of the investigation

The degree of punishment the Supreme court has left it for ten and a half years in prison. Further, it made a conditional fine of 260 daily rates à 30 francs (a total of 7800 Swiss francs). Attorney Schultz showed up with the not-yet-final judgment – it is also guilt includes due to the promotion of the Prostitution, infringement of the law on foreigners and commercial regular money laundering "very satisfied". It was for the victims, but also for law enforcement authorities is important. "The judgment shows that it is not necessary to have for all of the allegations, a statement of the respective victim, if there is sufficient other evidence," said Schultz, who determined several years and the court process so only had allows. Kiener, described the effort of the investigation as a "gigantic".

And how does P. P. your dereinstiges life back in Thailand? She wanted to help her daughter, who had opened a travel Agency, had said the mother of two last week, and in order to frown. Also they themselves, the prison in the women's prison Hindelbank sitting since October of 2016 in the early criminal, had led in Thailand a travel Agency – with the known consequences. Looks like a new life?

what is Clear is that their victims want this, a new life. The exploitation has led almost all to a mental and physical Trauma. To despair, shame, guilt, and fear come up today.

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