From the Töfflibueb a legend

at the end of 2005, the Töfflibueb beat the world star. Athlete of the year in Switzerland was at that time. sensational Tom Lüthi , the world champion in the

From the Töfflibueb a legend

at the end of 2005, the Töfflibueb beat the world star. Athlete of the year in Switzerland was at that time. sensational Tom Lüthi , the world champion in the third-class 125-category – and not Roger Federer, winner in Wimbledon and at the US Open Not everyone had to understand this choice. But they proved the popularity of Luthi's.

This is nearly one and a half decades. In Sport, this is a whole new Generation. And Luthi is Federer still there. From the shy youngster, a sort of legend even in the motorcycle circus has become a sovereign of the old masters, because Lüthi at the weekend in his 19. Season is on the rise. This year the Bernese is 300. GP deny, of 286 races, he has won 17, he was 65-times on the podium. "I have not had these Figures present", says Lüthi. "But if you listen to the so, it is very impressive."

He feel Proud of that, but he was not one who was not staying with the past. "That brings me nothing. And as soon as I realize that I'm behind, then it was for me anyway."

The perfect Winter

Tom Lüthi is not behind the driver. At least not in Moto2. He was the 2016 and 2017 world Cup-a Second-drove last year, after the sobering MotoGP adventure (0 points) immediately back to rank 3 and is now in front of the weekend in Qatar at the beginning of the season for many of the top Favourite. Lüthi is a 33, not only the oldest and by far the most experienced drivers in the field, but also one of the most successful. "I know that I can fight for the title", says Lüthi. "But there are a few others that are also fast. It will be crucial, as always, Constance." Alex Marquez, Brad Binder, the layers of last year in front of him, stepped up in the MotoGP, as the hardest rivals Lüthi referred to the Spaniard Jorge Navarro, as well as the Italian Luca Marini and Lorenzo Baldassarri.

you talk to Lüthi, is to recognize his state of mind, each quickly. It is not, running to him, he replies sometimes snotty, but if he is satisfied with the development, it is he fine, eloquent, talkative. From Doha, he reports: "I'm ready." He had a great Winter, with kite-surfing in Vietnam, and skiing in Verbier, with a lot of fitness training in the Emmental and private motorcycling in Spain.

mixed test

And above all: There were no changes in the Dynavolt-Intact-racing team and the personal staff. "For me, this is very important, because the cooperation is excellent." In the Tests, he was very quick in Jerez and a little bit less convincing in Qatar. "We still need to work a bit in the vote", says Lüthi. The manage sometimes well, sometimes less well: On Friday, he drove in the first free practice best time. However, he crashed then in the second twice.

Tom Lüthi in the second Training session in Doha-case basis. (Video: MotoGP via Twitter)

Luthi leave a serene impression. He says even: "The age I feel. On the contrary, I am as fit as never before." It'll be easier to build muscle and simultaneously lose fat, but that he was satisfied with his work. "I can torment me, because I know that in the Winter the base for a good year."

The race track to start the season in the vicinity of Doha is located Lüthi. This time the circumstances are very special. Lüthi is not the most popular figure in the paddock in the desert of Qatar, because the MotoGP season will begin. Qatar receives due to the Coronavirus for about a week no travellers from Italy, and so the race of the Premier class had to be cancelled. The Moto2 and Moto3 teams are against it for more than ten days in Qatar, because they completed their rides on the last weekend, their final test.

It was strangely quiet beside the track, says Luthi, who also went to the clay pigeon shooting. "The Coronavirus has also a large impact," says Luthi, "we need to look at from day to day. Everything else we can influence."

The second GP in Thailand was already postponed in the autumn, more it would go at the beginning of April in the United States. "But who knows how it will look there, and later in Europe because of the Virus", says Lüthi.

this year, for the first time in 20 Grands Prix, and for Luthi, it is clear that the calendar is overloaded. "It's about Regeneration, what is with so many races spread throughout the world becoming more and more difficult." Because he is a pragmatic man, he deals only with things he can affect. "I'm not necessarily a faster rider than it was 10, 15 years, or have more courage," he says, "but I can give thanks to my experience, much better information as to how I can feel the machine." It was enormously valuable, benefit to the Team. And that's why he says: "I didn't even feel that I have to end my career soon."

future planning

at Least two more years, wants to drive Tom Lüthi on. They would prefer to stay with Dynavolt-Intact, and you hear the discussions about a contract extension are at an advanced stage. Lüthi says: "Dynavolt my first conversation partner. But you never know what happens." He can also earn in this year, several hundred thousands of francs, while the highly is dependent on how often he drives to the podium. And above all: how he cuts off at the end in the world Cup Ranking.

A second title would crown Luthi's career of late. 15 years after the success as a Töfflibueb. And as the Moto2 world champion, he would be again a candidate for the award as the Swiss sportsman of the year. With him an Olympic champion could be at risk. And Roger Federer is also still there.

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