At Credit Suisse, thousands Old Nazi accounts

It is a controversial finding from an almost forgotten time. The Argentine investigator Pedro Filipuzzi has given to the Simon Wiesenthal Center has a list of a

At Credit Suisse, thousands Old Nazi accounts

It is a controversial finding from an almost forgotten time. The Argentine investigator Pedro Filipuzzi has given to the Simon Wiesenthal Center has a list of around 12’000 names of German Nazis in Argentina. Many of them are to one or more Bank accounts in the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (SKA) have had. The SKA was in 1997 in the Credit Suisse .

"We believe that this long-dormant accounts contain funds that have been looted from Jewish Victims," writes the Simon Wiesenthal Center in a post on his website. This is a Jewish non-governmental organization that has its headquarters in Los Angeles.

The Credit Suisse refers to the final report of the Volcker Commission. She has investigated between 1997 and 1999, some 60 Swiss banks with the goal of making accounts to find the Victims of the Nazi had heard of persecution. "Nevertheless, we will investigate this matter again," said a spokeswoman for the Bank.

Nazi money in Switzerland

Filipuzzi has researched in the former headquarters of the German Nazis in Buenos Aires and there, in an old storage room, the lists discovered. It is the files out of the 30s. In the "década infame" (in English: notorious decade) took turns in short succession, four of undemocratic governments. In this time have been some 1400 members of the Nazi party in Argentina, which could count on a local area network of around 20’000 supporters.

also German companies like IG Farben were, according to the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The company benefited particularly from the close proximity to the Nazis and was later to produce the Gas for the extermination of Jews. Also, the financial institutions Banco Alemán Transatlántico and Banco Germánico de América del Sur belonged to the Argentine Nazi network. About you Nazi want to be-funds in Switzerland.

in 1938, was Roberto Ortiz to Power and turned against the growing influence of Germany. However, with his resignation in 1942, the relationship gained in importance. After the war, thousands of Nazis fled to Argentina.

With the finding of an almost forgotten history catches up with the Swiss financial place.

More than seventy years after the end of the Second world war, wants. the Wiesenthal Center now have access to the archives of Credit Suisse It wants to clarify the matter quickly, before the number of Holocaust Survivors, is actually even lower.

With the discovery in Argentina of a nearly forgotten history catches up with the financial place again. Because before and during the Second world war, many Jews brought their money in Swiss banks in safety. After the war, the funds of the victims of the Nazi were withheld crimes implied, or the heirs did not come to the assets, because they could produce no documents.

As Jewish organisations in the nineties, pressure dressing, has worked up the history in Switzerland. The Swiss big banks, UBS and Credit Suisse paid in 1998, compared to 1.25 billion dollars, in return the Jewish collective plaintiffs withdrew their complaints. This comparison was supported by several Jewish organizations, including the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

3400 entries to dormant assets

in 2002, the Bergier Commission presented its final report on the conduct of the Swiss banks in the Second world war. A year ago, the Fund for the distribution of the money from the settlement has submitted its final report: the $ 720 million were distributed to more than 450’000 victims of the Nazi regime and their descendants.

There are still a variety of reasons dormant assets in Swiss banks. On the by the financial services provider SIX-powered website dormant find information about such assets in Swiss banks. Accounts are considered dormant when the last contact with the customer is at least 60 years, and the value is about 500 Swiss francs, down, or unknown. Currently, approximately 3400 entries in the database. People looking for values to unclaimed assets can contact the banking Ombudsman.

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