The piano bar, a place of longing

"You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh ... ": O Yes, fans of piano bars, raves, sooner or later, from the magical movie moment

The piano bar, a place of longing

"You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh ... ": O Yes, fans of piano bars, raves, sooner or later, from the magical movie moment from "Casablanca," in which Sam play "As Time Goes By" is intoned – poignant set of this form of entertainment will probably never be in the scene.

all well and good, you can find, but hey: Who says these days of piano bars? Nasty Question. But it is right and important. Because no matter in which direction the trend winds are blowing, this time-honored Institution he blows always. This is bad, not so bad? On The Contrary! Only in this way, the piano bar has been able to preserve their role as a Little Utopia. Since there is no need for a date for a Blind Date, because it is silent with impunity, because you tipsy with and without style, since everything is in one night is different – or nothing at all.

To do this, you listen to better and weaker Evergreens, and if you don't do it and instead of mumbling, whispering, or cuddle, that is okay – after all, as a wise man said very aptly, is the bar pianist in the night, a taxi driver among the musicians. (thw)

Savoy Bar

atmosphere: In the Bar in Zurich's Kreis 1, the recommended wardrobe is Business Casual. That alone makes for an upscale lifestyle. In the Bar of a track, it is too bright. On the podium, on which we are sitting, it is comfortable, and is excellent for Drinks we served quickly Salty.

audience: , You realize that the Bar is situated on the parade square. The guests were 40% from the Hotel and 60% of walk-in customers, it means.

music: The Pianist plays on the Boston a-wing, among other things, the title track from "Love Story", Abba's "I Believe in Angels", and Celentano's "Il ragazzo della Via Gluck". And without notes. (nia)

Poststr. 12, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Central Plaza Hotel

atmosphere: The dark interior like the plastic bushes and the plush seat covers with tiger fur pattern are not exactly the pinnacle of good taste. The best sits at the window front, where you have a great view of the hustle and Bustle of the Central.

audience: dressed Rather older, elegant, international.

music: The speaker system is arg is set according to. But the Pianist on the night of our visit, is in a good mood and jokes with the audience. Until the middle of March, the Australian Geoff Healey sits at the keys. (ggs)

Central 1, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

George Bar & Grill

atmosphere: George has a cosmopolitan character. Although the prospect of small town shows only the lights of a relatively, think that we find ourselves in a fancy hotel lobby in Las Vegas.

audience: larger and Larger groups of business men sitting at the elevated tables in the smaller lounge tables, well dressed couples look deep into the eyes.

music: The pianist Bella C. is a stunner. She plays and sings new and old pop hits, "Dance Monkey" follows "the Time of My Life". You vary your voice, acting and flirting with her facing the back: a Performance that is anything other than Background. (pam)

Sihlstr. 50, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Splendid Bar

atmosphere: no, this piano bar is not defined on a intimately-intimate in character. On the weekend of the 1952 opened the Original is transformed into a great house: Then, here sung with many voices and lots of legs dancing.

audience: Here the Habitués come not from the neighborhood, but from the big, wide world. Nevertheless, stag and hen nights, stippvisit make your and Princesses in Need of the establishment to the temporary home.

music: of The wing is here in the center, because the music is not a backdrop, but the Star. Or, depending on the performance of the Hits-à-go-go program is also an asterisk. Only in the case of emancipation, it is difficult (yet) – it guy sitting invariably on the keyboard. (thw)

Rosengasse 5, 8001 Zurich


atmosphere: Black-and-white-tiled floor, chandelier, white-covered tables in the bistro area; a large mirror, the Bar is bright and friendly, as well as the people who work here.

audience: bankers loosen up at the bar the tie. Or you up for the fillet of beef new. After-Work in close parade-ground is for some still work. A cheerful woman round the large table. Prosecco Mood. An only child looks to the pianist.

music: On Yamaha Grand pianos is every Wednesday and Thursday from 18.30 Fabio Vezzio, he is a master of the accompaniment in the Background. Pearl Of The Stop. Classic Evergreen plus Repertoire, elegantly decorated. No one listens to properly. The game of the pianist, brings Confidence: Que sera, sera. (bu)

Talstr. 40, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Aries Bar

atmosphere: Quiet piano music coming from the Bar – relaxed accordingly it is entered. And it is this atmosphere because of the dark wood and the dim light inside. The piano music may help, really active listening, no one does the pianist but.

audience: couples, After-Work drinkers, the hotel's guests: Here have all of the space – whether alone or in pairs.

music: Discreet, the large wings sin a corner, the older Pianist playing unknown jazz pieces, including the trumpet sounds from the preserve. The musician changes every month, and with him the style of eighties sound to classic is here presented everything. (aho)

RAM alley 6, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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