Just as Donald Trump is to beat

Donald Trump is not invincible. The Approval ratings of the President have exceeded the 50 percent mark, which is hardly ever, he is almost always "under water

Just as Donald Trump is to beat

Donald Trump is not invincible. The Approval ratings of the President have exceeded the 50 percent mark, which is hardly ever, he is almost always "under water", as the Americans say. No comparison to George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan, the last two Republican presidents were re-elected.

This is not to say, however, that the Democrats have the water. After this Super Tuesday, but you will see at least clearer. For now it is a battle between the self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders and the mid-politician, Joe Biden, has a posthumously Comeback.

The danger, however, that the two similar blocks, the radicals to Sanders and the moderate to Biden, will deliver in the other primaries to the nomination, party conference, a battle of attrition that has produced only one winner: Donald Trump. Who would even nominate always the Democrats under dispute, anger and tears, he would have little chance against the incumbent.

the young and Wild, and the moderate medium-sized companies

Bernie Sanders has enthusiastic supporters and followers, but they are a minority in need of. More than two-thirds of Americans say that they would never elect a President that announces the coming of a socialist Revolution. Very likely Sanders would be with his defeat, even yet many members of Congress tear into the political abyss. The result would be that the Democrats lose the 2018 hard-won majority in the house of representatives and President of the Trump undisturbed rule.

Joe Biden, in turn, can inspire not nearly as such as Sanders, particularly the young people. He was still in the shadow of Barack Obama, a creature of light, but from a different time. Obama's electoral success was based on a coalition of white and ethnic minorities. In addition, he took the left-wing base as well as moderate voters in the suburbs for themselves.

On the latter the democratic candidate for the presidency of 2020 needs to focus, whether it is Sanders or Biden: If it succeeds, a coalition between young and Wild and moderate, to form medium-sized companies, he can beat Trump. The formation of this coalition is difficult, but no alternative. "If the Progressives think they can without the moderate gain or Moderate, without the Progressive, then you are crazy," wrote Thomas Friedman, renowned columnist for the New York Times.

A candidate Biden as a candidate Sanders, his party would have to suck up to internal critics, for example, by promising that the unsuccessful rival of a Minister post in the future U.S. government. Such a jump over the own shadow is to suspect the former Vice-President, rather than the radical Senator from Vermont.

As a reconciler may occur Trump

The rise of Trumps should lead to moderate and left-wing forces unite, although they are sometimes of a different opinion. While Sanders promises things that he could, as President, hardly ever, because the Congress would slow down, has shot Joe Biden from the beginning to Donald Trump anyway. Not to be wrong: Almost twice as many Democrats say that it was more important, the President deselect, than to have a candidate that you agree on all issues.

Clearly, the democratic candidate should stand up for affordable education, gun control and the improvement of the health insurance – the Coronavirus is likely to provide arguments. Above all, however, he must appear as the candidate of the unit, first, the Democratic party and then of the whole country.

Because Trump can't keep up, he can not act as a reconciler of a Nation, which he has continued to split. His strategy was to rule "divide and rule" in order to win with the base. The strategy of the democratic candidate must be, therefore, "clubs and rule".

what is Crucial is that the Democrats get it together. A coalition, supported by the energy of the Sanders Fans, and the reason the Biden-trailer, can defeat Trump. It is also helpful that the billions of Mike Bloomberg, has taken to defeat on Super Tuesday, the race would be. In reference to the hackneyed Slogan of Bill Clinton in 1992, the presidential elections were won, the Democrats of 2020: It's the coalition, stupid.

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