All for Show: Joko and Klaas are dishonest

Good entertainer Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko winterscheidt are, without a doubt. On Prosieben you are hunting bike thieves, posing as a coke dealer, and persua

All for Show: Joko and Klaas are dishonest

Good entertainer Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko winterscheidt are, without a doubt. On Prosieben you are hunting bike thieves, posing as a coke dealer, and persuade celebrities to daredevil Stunts. Millions like to watch the Videos, in which the two entertainers to do incredible things. The mostly young spectators can't see how people are surprised – allegedly.

However, research by the North German radio show now: Joko and Klaas have cheated in their broadcasts", The duel to the world" and "Late Night" in Berlin. In several Videos they create the illusion, to show spontaneous events, although these were played by actors, and rotated several times.


One of the fake Clips plays in Switzerland and was broadcast last October. The actor Edin Hasanovic is flying in a hot air balloon with the Tilsiter Logo. As his companions jump, he's all alone. The challenge: He has to land the balloon on the Lawn, although he has never done it before. Hasanovic is afraid. "You're sick," he says to Joko and Klaas, before a rough landing is a success. The spectators suffer with him.

In the show, it looks as if Edin Hasanovic would have to land the hot-air balloon all alone. However, in truth, a Pilot is. Photo: Youtube

The NDR this Plot has not married. The journalists discovered in the Video a third Hand in the balloon. Clarity brought finally, the Swiss Federal office for civil aviation. "The Pilot was also on Board," says media spokesman Urs Holderegger. The story was a Fake. The bewilderment of Edin Hasanovic in the balloon – all Show.

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko winterscheidt not have commented previously on the allegations. In the case of Prosieben, it means: "We don't want to endanger the lives of our protagonists." This is reasonable and is even in the law (a Pilot must always be present). It is the style of the broadcast was not justified. The viewers would know, the lands because it is not a layman, but to a Pilot the balloon, the voltage is much lower. The Video would spread hardly viral. And Prosieben would earn less money.

Not a real thief

even something bolder is a Video that is playing in Berlin and on Youtube almost four million Times was clicked. "I would like to catch bike thieves in the act and then scare", you can hear Klaas Heufer-Umlauf in it say. He poses as bait for a fancy racing bike to a road; waiting for a thief. At some point, a man sneaks in, breaks the lock. His face is pixelated.

The audience it is, as he could sit here and live like a Velodieb will be demonstrated. However, the NDR research shows that The thief is an actor. He has broken up the bike for the camera several times, so there are beautiful images.

The Format STRG_F of the North German broadcasting company has revealed the Fakes. Here is the whole post.

for Sure: the entertainment shows don't have the same journalistic standards as a news magazine. But to not do so, as had taken place in a Situation, in fact, is simply a question of style, but leads the audience astray. The credibility of the media is put in question, as Claas Relotius fact, the reports in the "mirror" poetry as novels.

Would have to remember the viewers that the Videos are made? Mostly this is so in the case of entertainment television. The idea falls short: Even the Berlin police has dared the shooting and a criminal investigation against the Bicycle thief initiated.

Prosieben shows a little remorse. "The satirical approach of the film would perhaps have made clearer," says the TV station to Velodieb Video. Use the does little, because the two entertainers have betrayed the trust. The Grimme prize, the you have time with the Fake accusations get to go under. In the Format of "Joko & Klaas Live 15 minutes" you have given, among others, Activists against right-wing extremism a platform.

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