So China is via mobile phone through the Corona-crisis

A country in quarantine, millions of people are locked away at home out of fear of the Virus. Gradually, the bands running in the factories, although again, a l

So China is via mobile phone through the Corona-crisis

A country in quarantine, millions of people are locked away at home out of fear of the Virus. Gradually, the bands running in the factories, although again, a lot of offices to fill, but of normalcy, China is far away. The Coronavirus has changed the lives in the people's Republic of sustainably, only the one who wears a mask, it is allowed to return to the workplace.

the digital world is no longer as it once was. Apps, the a few weeks ago, hardly anyone knew, have become popular over night, especially services, which belong to the realm of the Internet wholesale retailer Alibaba. Solid the state also has expanded its online surveillance.

With a red scarf in front of the screen

schools and universities are still closed. The lessons take place nevertheless – in the Internet. And it was mostly about thing talk, one Alibaba App. In 2014 programmed Software was actually intended for conferences and meetings in the company. In the first week of school after the spring festival thing talk was the most downloaded App in China, before the omnipresent service Wechat, virtually every Chinese person on the Smartphone installed. More than 50 million students are currently being taught via the thing talk.

Practically the whole school life is taking place now on the Internet, even the weekly Flag raising ceremony. Students need to bring Laptops and Tablets, from the speakers, the national anthem is played. "With a red scarf around the neck, in front of the screen standing, the red flag with five-star salute," wrote China's official Xinhua news Agency, was "an unforgettable experience."

Some of the used services, however, has its pitfalls. As in a biology lesson a teacher from sperm and egg cells and the cell division stated that collapsed abruptly the connection. On the Display of the students had only read that the Transfer had breached the usage policy. The everyday censorship in China.

About the quarantine, an algorithm

Who decides must in quarantine, and who is allowed to move freely? Soon, the App decides. The service is operated by Ant Financial, a subsidiary of Alibaba. In Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, where Alibaba has its headquarters, is established the procedure already. Someone comes out of control in a Police, or just want to walk into a supermarket, he asked, his Ant-Financial-App to show for it. To see a QR-Code is then available in three colors: green (you are allowed to move freely) yellow (seven days quarantine) or red (two weeks of Isolation).

A man ordered with one App at a gas station in Beijing food, while his car is refueled. Photo: Reuters

What color do you get allocated, we calculated an opaque algorithm based on travel needs, information and origin, the you enter in a form. All data will be forwarded directly to the authorities, as well as the movement profiles. Each time for the state to understand, where you are staying. The System is already in 200 cities and will soon be country-wide introduced.

Alibaba benefits

among the biggest Beneficiaries of the government-mandated Isolation, the Alibaba become Hema. In the 20 cities it operates stores, but also in the wind, rushing to the front door. Most recently, Hema also sells drugs and drugstore products. The order volume has doubled compared to the same period last year. Also the competitor, Meituan Maicai deliveries have increased significantly. The epidemic has prompted many people of middle and older age, the online trading a try. The Alibaba service has quadrupled since the spring festival, the number of Online food orders from users over 60 years of age.

Broke, however, the popular ordering services for food. Until a few weeks ago, yet you could see the riders on their electric scooters everywhere, even in Tibet. The past is the past. Many Restaurants have closed because no customers to come, in addition, the concern is widespread, the delivered food could possibly be virus contaminated.

The result: a Lot of Chinese cooking, and recipes in the App Xiachufang, a mixture of cookbook and Instagram. The use of activity has increased six-fold in the past few days. Even for the otherwise high pace in China, the breathtakingly fast.

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