The runs this week in the cinema

7500 Thriller by Patrick Vollrath, D/A, 2019; 92 min. The emergency code 7500 is for hijacking. A flight from Berlin to Paris Islamist terrorists storm t

The runs this week in the cinema

Thriller by Patrick Vollrath, D/A, 2019; 92 min.

The emergency code 7500 is for hijacking. A flight from Berlin to Paris Islamist terrorists storm the Cockpit and kill the pilots; the American Co-Pilot (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) can you push back and lock out. Now the terrorists are trying by all means to come back to the control. As you will find out that the girlfriend of the Co-pilots is on the same flight.

The setting is limited almost completely to the Cockpit, and the action is largely in real-time. The provides voltage. However, you realize that a lot of it was improvised – there are a couple of empty runs. Still annoying that in the Zurich cinemas is just the German synchronized version. (ggs)


The new Film with Joseph Gordon-Levitt: "7500". Video: YouTube/the universe movie
About Endlessness
tragi-Comedy by Roy Andersson, S/D/No/F 2019; 78 min.

deathly pale characters, the struggle with yourself and your destiny – this is the world of the Swedish film Director Roy Andersson. With a static camera, he captures in his latest work, a lover's quarrel at the fish counter, a priest in the crisis of faith, or about the war, bombed-out Cologne in a floating in-love couple.

With cheerful people hat Andersson, otherwise, yeah not much on. But in this sequence of panels the award-winning Swede also has space for dancing Teenager. A small glimmer of hope in an ashen world, which seems to groan under the consequences of the Second world war. However, works were Andersson's even more disturbing. (zas)


The new Film from Roy Andersson: "About Endlessness". Video: YouTube/Xenix Film
comic book adaptation of David Wilson, USA 2020; 110 min.

a soldier, Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) is converted by the nano-technologies to create an immortal super-man. In this Form he is as a fighter lecherous puppet useful for a few scientists, who are not guided by purely humanitarian thoughts.

Director Dave Wilson, the one who made it so far, especially the special effects ("Avengers: Age of Ultron"), seeks in his comic book adaptation, successfully, to keep the Action chic futuristic; similar to the good the digital effects that actually serve the entertainment, not showing off, just. (SZ)

Abaton, Arena, Capitol,

the Futuristic comic book adaptation: "Bloodshot". Video: YouTube/Sony Pictures Releasing, Switzerland

Color Out of Space
horror film by Richard Stanley, USA/Times/P 2019; 111 min.

Nathan (Nicolas Cage) lives with his family on a farm and breeding alpacas. One Night, Schlumberger, and next to the house a meteorite. The soon to be gone, but he leaves behind a pink radiation, the colors, the Vegetation and the groundwater contaminated.

The South African Richard Stanley was at the beginning of the 90s with trashy Horror movies for cult Director. Similar to oblique this Comeback is the adaptation of a Lovecraft short story: The Film is a color trip with black Humor, lots of Cursing, slimy monsters, and a shrill Nicolas Cage. In a supporting role Tommy Chong appears as zugekiffter forest Goblin. With other words: Best entertainment. (ggs)

Riffraff, Fr/Sa 23 PM

horror movie with Nicolas Cage: "Color Out of Space". Video: YouTube/RLJE film

costume film by Autumn de Wilde, GB in 2020; 125 min.

England in the early 19th century. Century. Emma (Anya Taylor-Joy) is beautiful, smart and rich – and bored. So you hook up with the residents of your village. Against their will, and with moderate success. Her most recent project: the inexperienced Harriet (Mia Goth) with the village pastor (Josh O'connor) to bring together.

The directorial debut of Rock photographer Autumn de Wilde is a very successful adaptation of the Jane Austen novel. Stylish, fast-paced, modern, and completely in the spirit of the original. (SZ)

Arena, Arthouse, Piccadilly, Capitol

The film adaptation of a Jane Austen novel: Emma. Video: YouTube/Universal Pictures Switzerland
The kangaroo-Chronicles
Comedy by Dani Levy, D 2020; 92 min.

The artist Marc-Uwe (Dimitrij Schaad) has loves an unusual roommate: a Communist kangaroo (voice: Marc-Uwe Kling), the liquor chocolates and Nirvana. Together, the two fight in Berlin against a contractor and the Nazis.

The Swiss Director Dani Levy filmed from the successful "kangaroo"series of the author Marc-Uwe Kling a movie. For children, it has become a cartoon-like fight-against-villain-story, adults-capitalism dystopia and a Film against right-wing politics, and gentrification. Very drinkable entertainment cinema, of which all have what. The Plot is a bit even striking. (tiw)

Abaton, Arena, Capitol, Riffraff

the film adaptation of the kangaroo-Chronicles: "The kangaroo Chronicles". Video: YouTube/Filmcoopi Zürich

Onward By Dan Scanlon, USA 2020, 114 min.

To his 16. Birthday gets a scared Elf (voice: Tom Holland) a magic wand to summon the deceased father he has never known. The possible, unfortunately, only from the feet to the belt. This can let the Timid and the intrepid brother (Chris Pratt), a fantasy game addict, of course should not be.

The Film is set in a world of magical beings that have moved from convenience to technology: The most aggressive Pixies ride a motorcycle, the centaur COP car, and rabid unicorns to rummage in garbage cans. This is entertaining, but never as original and exhilarating as "Zootopia" or "Missing Link". (bod)

Abaton, Arena, Capitol, Corso, Houdini

The new Pixar movie: "Onward". Video: YouTube/Disney Switzerland

La vérité
tragi-Comedy by Hirokazu Kore-eda, F/Jap 2019; 106 min.

The Schauspieldiva Fabienne (Catherine Deneuve) has published her memoirs. With the car upset you but biographical whitewashing the daughter (Juliette Binoche), who arrived with her husband (Ethan Hawke) in New York. That Fabienne is playing in a movie that is an absurd mother-daughter conflict, also contributes not just to the relaxation of the location.

In the first French-language Film by Hirokazu Kore-eda ("Shoplifters") is, once again, the family in the centre: How much truth and how much lie can tolerate it in this sensitive braid? And as man bears an almost pathologically narcissistic mother? The light footed tragicomedy is tailored to Catherine Deneuve, the blossoms in her with smug malice of this studded role right. (zas)

Arthouse Alba, the cosmos

Hirokazu Kore-eda has shot with Catherine Deneuve: "La vérité". Video: YouTube/cineworx movie rental

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