Soccer. Champions League: Liverpool Real Madrid, a dream final that will be cherished by Mbappe

The football planet has made an appointment to visit the capital, with the anticipated influx of tens to thousands of fans.

Soccer. Champions League: Liverpool Real Madrid, a dream final that will be cherished by Mbappe

The football planet has made an appointment to visit the capital, with the anticipated influx of tens to thousands of fans. This includes 30,000 to 40,000. French Saturday. Paris was the host of "the most important match" in world football, as Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti said. It featured "the most important match” between the insatiable English looking for a seventh C1 trophy and unsinkable Spaniards who were ready to fight for a 14th trophy.

Local fans have only eyes for Mbappe in the city of love. He declared his love for PSG on Saturday, where he extended his contract to 2025, despite Real's arduous courtship and Liverpool's glances. The point where the star, who was born near the Dionysian enclosure in his hometown, is one of the main protagonists of this final without actually playing it. On Sunday, he tweeted that he had chosen his side and said "I will support Madrid first."

Although the merengue club believed for a long while that the striker would join them, it claims to have absorbed the player's turnaround, which some of its fans consider a betrayal. Thibaut Courtois, Belgian goalkeeper, said that there is no greater feeling than playing in a final against Real Madrid.

The Champions League is more than a consolation prize for European clubs. It would mark the end of an unforgettable season for both teams. Paris is expected to host thousands of spectators for the fireworks. This city hasn't seen this many since Euro-2016. The Paris police headquarters mobilizes 6,800 police officers, firefighters, and gendarmes to ensure security at the match. It promises a spectacular show.

The Reds have excelled this season under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp, their legendary coach. This includes the efficiency of attackers Sadio Mohammad and Mohamed Salah, as well as the defensive solidity of Virgil Van Dijk. With the League Cup as well as the FA Cup, they can complete a hat-trick at Saint-Denis. They were only able to escape the Premier League on Sunday, losing by one point to Manchester City. Klopp admitted that they had enjoyed a great season and that if they win it, it would be a spectacular season.

All of us are prepared for anything.

Thiago Alcantara (Liverpool milieu).

When you have the largest football game to play, it's easy for people to forget about the disappointment. Andrew Robertson, a Scottish defender, assured that everyone is prepared for the game. Liverpool, which should rely upon its executives Fabinho, Thiago Alcantara and Thiago Alcantara for their security, would be almost as favourites if Real weren't so strong in their role outsiders. Klopp added, "And with his experiences."

Madrid's people have signed an emotional course, which included two "remontadas” against PSG (8th) and Manchester City (6th), which added to their legend. They eliminated Chelsea, the defending champions, in the quarters.

Karim Benzema is the author of 44 goals in 45 matches, 15 of which were in Champions League. He exemplifies the strength and character of a club that has been in the C1 for 13 titles (record), and is led by an equally experienced coach (5C1 plus three as a technician), record. He told AFP that he is certain to be one of the greatest players in the world, and probably the best centre forward in the world. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin.

The Blues striker will also be competing for the next Ballon d'Or. He will be the favorite in the event. His only opponent? His only rival? The Senegalese from Liverpool Sadio Mane. Real has already won two trophies, La Liga in 2021 and Spanish Super Cup in 2022.

This poster is a dream poster. The history of the C1 finals between English and Spanish teams reinforces the suspense. Liverpool had won the Timpani in 1981 at Parc des Princes thanks to Alan Kennedy (1-0), however Real had retaliated in 2018 in Kyiv (3-1), in a final marked with the acrobatic return by Gareth Bale, and Salah's injury in-game. The Egyptian said, "The worst memory in my career," The third encounter promises to be equally indecisive... with suspense that will make you forget about the Mbappe case.

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