royal hate

Hate is serious.

royal hate

Hate is serious. Just take a look at the Civil War. And not into battle. As Concha Castroviejo wrote in 'Víspera del odio' (Renaissance), those who fight hate each other less than those who are in each part without fighting. Hate is meek (in the face of anger), but serious, even if the word is too cheap. Of course we can take it the hard way following Joan Rivers ("I hate everyone, starting with myself"). And hate, I don't know, coffee with milk, quinoa or Joaquín Sabina, for throwing away unimportant things. But hey, people see real hate everywhere. Families formed by surrogacy, wombs for rent or buying and selling of children (call it what you want) believe that what the Government does (or does not do) incites hatred, even though the article related to abortion has been eliminated from the new abortion law. criminal prosecution. The new law, they say, "stigmatizes" (fashion word) and "perpetuates discrimination against children" since the text of the Ministry of Equality considers surrogacy a form of violence against women.

I don't know if there is hatred at recess with children conceived in that way, but it does seem clear that there is with King Juan Carlos. It has been to get the little leg out of the back (or the visit, that the residence has it there) and stir the hornet's nest. Thief, corrupt, scoundrel, cheeky, pearls of that type. Pablo Echenique, intellectual and historian, says that "the Monarchy is an institution designed to commit crimes." And that he doesn't care if Felipe VI "is a better king" than his father. Don Felipe can be as straight as he wants, repudiate his father, take away his assignment and not let him sleep. They will tell me what is the use of this hatred.