Virginia Torrecilla: "Now they respect Spain, they go to the European Championship as a favorite"

MADRID, 18 May.

Virginia Torrecilla: "Now they respect Spain, they go to the European Championship as a favorite"


The Spanish international Virginia Torrecilla valued the growth of the team ahead of this summer's European Championship, where Spain will arrive as "favourites", imposing "respect" and even "fear" on their rivals, to continue taking steps forward.

"We are experiencing a beautiful moment, with the national team, women's football, the results of Barça, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, a final that we will experience shortly (Champions), and the team that goes to a European Championship as favorite. Who would have thought This would happen three years ago," he said during an act in Madrid.

Torrecilla was an ambassador for Iberdrola's initiative 'We are the Red, we are the Green', presented this Wednesday along with several internationals, with an eye on that 'Euro' 2022. "Thanks to Iberdrola for following us, for us it is something incredible, I hope we continue to be linked for many years," said the Atlético player.

The international had to undergo surgery in May 2020 to have a brain tumor removed and, after finishing her chemotherapy treatment in March 2021, she returned to the fields at the beginning of 2022. The midfielder, who recognizes the difficulty entering Jorge Vilda's list, he recalled his international debut.

"It was against Denmark. I made my debut with Alexia, at the age of 18, we won 2-0, they took us both out and tied us," he recalled. The Danes, Germany and Finland will be Spain's rivals in the group stage of the tournament that is played in England from July 6 to 31. "I have never beaten Germany, it is a European power. The League is very powerful and it is also a favourite," he said.

"The teams are almost always in the same range. Now they respect Spain, it's scary. They're scoring a lot of goals, they compete at a high level. The league is very important for the team and it's rising like wildfire. I think after the World Cup from France, we have taken many steps forward, more than we expected. Spain is one of the favorites for the European Championship. We are going with everything, it is going to give a lot to talk about", added Torrecilla.

The also red and white Lola Gallardo confessed in turn the maximum ambition of the team for this summer. "The team is in a very sweet moment, we are going to the Euro with everything, to try to win the title. It is what we have been working on for a long time. I hope that this European marks a before and after", she affirmed.

"Spain goes out every game to win, to give its best. In the Euro if you are not at 200%, any team can make you lose points. I am looking forward to the list coming out and hopefully on the 31st we will be at Wembley lifting the trophy", he added . Although she admitted to being little talkative, Sheila García left a resounding message.

"We are going to play the European Championship, we have a great team. We are going to win the European Championship," he said, to the applause of the audience in the capital that hosted the presentation of Iberdrola's 'We are the Red, we are the Green' initiative, which includes a tournament for boys and girls, 9-13 years old, in the month of June in Madrid, Malaga and Bilbao, with attendance at Euro 2022 as the grand prize.


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