Marcos Maynar: «They have never convicted me and I hope they don't now»


Marcos Maynar: «They have never convicted me and I hope they don't now»

Caceres. At half past three in the afternoon on Thursday, Marcos Maynar left the Palace of Justice in Cáceres somewhat in a hurry, accompanied by his lawyer Siro Sánchez Escobero. Gone were more than 30 hours, hours in which he had had to be present at a search in his laboratory at the University of Extremadura, then be arrested and taken to spend the night at the Civil Guard Command in Cáceres, to be taken before the judge of Court number 4 to be interrogated. Maynar, doctor in sports medicine with the thesis 'Metabolic physiology of professional cycling', will have to appear in court every 15 days. He was in a hurry to leave everything behind, but he heeded the TODAY newspaper's request as he left in a hurry.

–Excuse me. Don't you want to make a statement?

-I don't have to say anything. Everything will become clear. I am calm and everything will be cleared up.

–Everything will be cleared up; but he was accused of three crimes and now he is accused of one.

-I do not know. It seems.

-He has been released with charges, and he has to go to court to sign on days 1 and 15.

-Yes. Routine.

-He has been dealing with matters in court for 20 years... and has he never been convicted of anything?

–And I hope they don't condemn me; because of what you may have a problem, I was not aware. That's why I say I'm calm.

"Have you ever been convicted?"

-Never. I'm glad you told me, because it's always said that I'm being accused, but it's never said that I've been acquitted. I, thank God, have no criminal record.

– Aren't you going to have them?

-God willing, no.

–Has the Civil Guard taken any medication in the registry of its laboratory at the University, in the Faculty of Sports Sciences?

-Nerd. I also want to make it very clear that the University has absolutely nothing to do with this. They wanted to direct this to harm, because I understand that there must be someone who doesn't love me very well, and they wanted to mix me with something from my university, and my university has nothing to do with it. The issue I have is a purely personal issue, in which my university has absolutely nothing to do.

–Does the investigation have anything to do with training soccer team players?

-El Cacereño has nothing to do with it. Don't throw me out there (laughs), you don't have any problem. So don't worry, everything will work out. My conscience is clear. What worries me a little is the image in the press, I worry about my children, about my family. I have already suffered from it, but they are already older and it costs them more work. I ask you to be a little condescending with them.

"So, have you spent the night in the dungeon?"

-Well, like those men who are sometimes accused of abusers, who later it turns out that they are not; or that they are accused of something else and then they are not. Hey. Your turn. If they catch you in the afternoon... well, there's no court. I do want to make it very clear that with the Civil Guard I take my hat off, it has been an absolutely exquisite treatment. The truth is that other times we get angry when we get tickets, but the reality is that it has been a very good thing, and in court, your honor, the same. She has been neat, very clear, she has gone to try to solve everything and she has been grateful. I have always believed in justice.

Members of the Civil Guard searched the Physiology Laboratory where he works at the Faculty of Sports Sciences on Wednesday morning. As the HOY newspaper learned, the registry was very laborious due to the difficulties in dumping information on computer devices.

Related to this case, on the same day of Wednesday the Civil Guard also registered a private home in Plasencia and arrested its owner who has also testified in court this Thursday and has been released in the same way. This is another professor who works at a university outside the region.

"Once the facts are clarified, the UEX will adopt the appropriate measures in a forceful way," the Extremaduran university stated with apparent emphatic, as if Maynar's links with doping matters were alien to it.

His career as a consultant linked to sport covers a wide range of services related to doping.

The latest news that related the doctor from Extremadura with doping is from the year 2015 when he had to testify in a trial in Bilbao for the operation 'Operación Estrobo' in which he was accused of being the alleged leader of a doping network of the team of rowers from Bermeo (Vizcaya) in the 2010 season. During the trial, one of the witnesses testified that Maynar was at the rowing club for two days and told them that "he was there to help win La Concha" and that if they didn't achieved, "he would not charge anything".

In addition to the traineras, he has worked for football clubs, such as Cacereño, or basketball, such as Cáceres.

For more than two decades, his name has been circulating in sports gossip, in the style of more famous doctors such as Michele Ferrari or Eufemiano Fuentes. Medical consultants who advise without contracts, accounting or official documents. All word and, if possible, face to face.

The doctor, along with his brother Juan Ignacio (professor of chemistry), became famous for preparing an exculpatory report for Sabino Padilla about Carlos Gurpegui's positive with nandrolone. They alleged that the Navarrese's body produced that substance naturally at a high rate.

Maynar has already been arrested once, on June 16, 2004 by the Spanish Police in the framework of 'Operation Gamma' against drug trafficking in gyms. Steroids and anabolic steroids were seized in his house. The doctor claimed that he used them for his investigations and there were no charges against him.

In May 2008, the cyclist Bruno Neves, of the LA-MSS, a Portuguese team with which Maynar collaborated, died. Law enforcement officers investigated the doctor and records of cyclists with training plans and administration of anabolic steroids and EPO were found.

In 2008, the German television ADR broadcast a report in which it said that Maynar had sent emails to ten cycling teams in which he offered his services to carry out periodic controls in order to evaluate their physiological parameters with techniques identical to those used by the UCI in your biological passport.