Laia Palau: "My idyll with basketball doesn't end here"


Laia Palau: "My idyll with basketball doesn't end here"


The Spanish international Laia Palau explained this Wednesday in Girona after announcing that she is ending her stage as a professional player that she will continue her "idyll" with basketball in the training of young players at Spar Girona and with, possibly, other jobs that she can combine .

"It is not a surprise what we are doing here. I stop playing basketball. I do not want to use the word retired because I really do not retire. My idyll with this sport does not end here. I will continue working in this world, "he assured in a wheel of press.

In this sense, he stressed that "stop playing." "I am not saying that I am retiring. I will continue working in this world. This sport has been my life, it is my life and it looks like it will continue to be my life. At the moment I am not leaving the pavilion," he appealed.

"I have made my decision and I am very happy. Life has given me a tremendous career. And I have challenges ahead of me that make me very excited. My life has been exciting in this world. I am very fond of the love that has been given to me people. We have to thank life for the things that happen", said the Catalan.

The base played in three Spanish teams. The first was the Universitari de Barcelona (1997-2004), where she had her first experiences in the national basketball elite. Her next stop was Ros Casares (2006-2012), the club with which she lifted the Euroleague in the 11/12 season, the last experience being Spar Girona. In addition, she went through Bourges Basket, CCC Polkowice and USK Prague, with which she raised her second Euroleague.

Palau retired from the national team in November last year, putting an end to 19 successful years defending the colors of Spain. His international debut was on the preparation tour for the 2002 World Cup in China and since that day, Palau has collected three European gold medals (2013, 2017 and 2019), three silver medals (2016 Rio Olympics, 2014 World Cup and EuroBasket 2007). and six bronzes (two world and four European).

Her legend extends to the Olympic Games and is that she is the oldest player in history to play an Olympic match. In addition, she has four participations in Games: Athens 2004, London 2002, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.


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