From Celtic tradition and folklore to the video game

They come to pick up the.

From Celtic tradition and folklore to the video game

They come to pick up the

All in all, despite the headwinds, three months ago they published the complete edition of 'The Waylanders', one of their most ambitious works and for which they received the CPEIG award. It is a role-playing game that drinks directly from the Celtic tradition and that presents many nods to Galician culture: from the Tower of Hercules to the Cathedral of Santiago. The director tells that since in 2010, in the middle of the crisis, he embarked on a business adventure by setting up his own studio, this was one of the ideas that he, sooner or later, wanted to materialize. “We always looked for the opportunity, and we told ourselves that when we could we would do it.” Twelve years later, 'The Waylanders' is a reality. Despite having an international vocation with all its products, in Gato Salvaje they do not lose sight of the Galician tradition, with this video game as the maximum exponent of their philosophy. "We try to capture the essence of different places, such as the Ézaro or the Torre de Breogán", explains the director; In essence, they looked for a setting that "transmits all the magic of Galicia to us". “We always deal with the regional issue and we try to ensure that our video games are in Galician”, although not without having to row against the current. The most important setback, he says now, was the pandemic.

Also financing, although this problem is endemic in the Galician sector: "If it is already at the level of Spain, in Galicia even more so". Potential investors have "distrust due to ignorance", and he believes that they have to mature in this regard. "It's a matter of encouraging them and generating expertise", because, in essence, "there is a lack of specialized people within investors who know how to differentiate between good ideas and bad ones." At the moment, they are still fighting: "We have done the greatest job in Galicia and for the following projects we are going to have to fight again." The sector, in Galicia, is very atomized and not very professional; Many of the developers have parallel jobs that are what really support them or, in order to create a product, "they have to finance themselves with their homes."

In spite of everything, what Prieto missed most when developing 'The Waylanders' was not more money, but rather that it had come earlier: «We were chasing money while we were making the project. More than quantity, a budget would come in handy from the beginning », he assures five years after starting to program the award-winning video game.

Last March, the first agreement was reached between Agadic and the association to launch the first line of aid to the sector in the history of the Community. Prieto is now grateful for the effort, since "institutional improvement" has translated into "support to have more stability and that each project that is attempted is not an odyssey," he declares. One of the actions of the plan is an accelerator so that new talents who want to venture into the industry have more help. “You have to try to make it less hard” for newcomers than it has been for pioneering companies or those that have been in the world for more than a decade, such as Gato Salvaje Studio.