To Biden, no way around it now with the Democrats

Bernie Sanders will probably find a time to all sorts of guilty, the media, the officials of the Democratic party, pulling the strings in the Background. Howeve

To Biden, no way around it now with the Democrats

Bernie Sanders will probably find a time to all sorts of guilty, the media, the officials of the Democratic party, pulling the strings in the Background. However, after a further round of primaries is becoming clearer: democratic voters do not want the self-declared democratic socialists as a presidential candidate, but Joe Biden. The former Vice President won on Tuesday in at least three of the six Federal States, in which was elected, a clear majority of the votes, in Michigan, the most important state this election night. Even if at first not all the results were there: Biden has been able to expand his lead in delegates for the nomination is crucial, clearly. He is now the big favourite, and it was already something completely Unexpected to happen would have to, in order for a person commences otherwise than he in the autumn against Donald Trump.

in order for the democratic election campaign, could find a rapid end – an end that had not yet had two weeks ago, no one on the invoice. In his speech on election night was Biden, at least almost so, as he would already be the official presidential candidate of the party. He stretched out Sanders and his supporters pointedly the Hand, he thanked for their "energy and passion" and said: "we share a common goal: to defeat Trump connects." Sanders decided not to enter into the night of the election even before the media, what was rather unusual.

As a week ago, on Super Tuesday, could Biden to count on overwhelming support by black voters. In Mississippi, 86 percent of African Americans increased, according to the post-election surveys for the former Deputy of Barack Obama. However, as in the case of Michigan, won Biden also in most other groups of voters, a majority. Most of all, he won in the suburbs, which have been since the Trumps choice as a large Reservoir of voters for the Democrats. In Michigan, Sanders was succeeded four years ago, a surprising victory over Hillary Clinton. He had aligned in the past few days, his entire election campaign on the rust belt state. But he managed to make it this time, not nearly, to repeat his result of 2016, and he missed again his goal is to bring in droves of young people and non-voters to the ballot box.

A pretty good insight into the mood at the Democrats delivered in the night of the election, Andrew Yang. The entrepreneur and former presidential candidate had sought up to his withdrawal from the race a few weeks ago to similar people like Sanders: a young and independent voters who want big reform and the Democratic party rather skeptical face. But on Tuesday, the results from the States arrived, sass Yang in the Studio of CNN and gave a choice recommendation for Biden. Mathematically, the candidacy of Biden to take hardly more, that is why it is important now to stand behind him: "We need to bring the party together." That was an appeal to Sanders’ trailer, which can start with Biden's candidacy is not much.

Yang has been with his speech to the eleventh-former rival from Biden, who expressed the support. Already at the weekend, the former candidate Kamala Harris and Cory had recommended Booker Biden is a choice, and with it the election campaign operated. That these characters of the leading Democrats of the base to be heard so readily, suggests: The democratic rank and file has no desire for a rebellion from the left, as Sanders calls. And it is also not in the mood, the phases of the poisonous wings battle has to pull a lot longer. Instead, the base seems to be came to the conclusion that Biden is the candidate of Trump can beat most and for most Democrats, the most important criterion.

The pressure on Sanders, his campaign soon, set, is expected to increase in the coming days. On paper, the 78 could collect-Year-old, although you still need to have enough delegates to overtake Biden. But he would have to win in the coming primaries with very large margins. For little talks. So many of the Federal States, the select the next to have a high proportion of black voters, who form the backbone of Biden's coalition. In other States, which are still pending, had Sanders lost against Clinton in 2016, very clearly.

Tuesday was not only the day Biden, as to the probable candidate of the Democrats was. It is also the day that the Coronavirus is from the with full force reached the presidential campaign was. Both Sanders as well as Biden had to performances in front of Thousands of followers to cancel, which they had planned in the night of the election in the state of Ohio. Post-election surveys also showed that the Coronavirus was also for the voters is an important issue and the growing concern might be Biden the benefit of. A majority of Democrats trust after the former Vice-President most likely to cope with a serious crisis. In the night of the election Biden about dealing with the Coronavirus, said: "We need a leadership that is honest, trustworthy, truthful and reliable." And he sounded so-so, as it would be against Trump.

Created: 11.03.2020, 06:57 PM

Updated Date: 11 March 2020, 06:03

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