Radically less passengers and concern for the train driver

Who is this day riding around on trains, feel it in some places, significantly: Where else jam-Packed full of car commuters are driving through Switzerland, are

Radically less passengers and concern for the train driver

Who is this day riding around on trains, feel it in some places, significantly: Where else jam-Packed full of car commuters are driving through Switzerland, are busy, the trains currently due to the Coronavirus less. No wonder: The Swiss Federal office for health has given the instruction that one should avoid public TRANSPORT if possible to the main traffic times. And also some of the Commuters with the unsafe feeling is likely to be in the buses, Trams and trains on the road. Probably only a few places you close to other people over sometimes for a long time.

The SBB hits, the Virus is already in very concrete terms. The trains to Italy are particularly busy bad, only a few passengers sitting inside. With around 90 percent less customers, the SBB, a Minus of a day to half a Million francs, equal to expect. Trains on the traffic with Italy are regularly disinfected to prevent possible infection of the passengers. In the transport to France there are approximately 60 percent less, in the national long-distance transport, the Federal count paths with 10 to 20 percent less.

Even if the SBB is a lot of loss with the Connections to Italy, there is no application, but this set, as it is at the Federal office for transport. "In view of the fact that the line of traffic is not affected by rail to Italy, by regulatory restrictions, would be a thinning of the long-distance transport offer currently hardly permit capable," says a spokeswoman. The trains in Italy are currently being disinfected on a regular basis.

home office, separate Teams

The Situation is clear: The SBB and other transport companies have the order, the public transport maintain. This makes the Federal office for traffic to clear. It writes: "during an epidemic or pandemic, the public transport must operate at a minimum. It is an important service provider, in order for people to be able to move to provide or seek medical treatment."

It is possible, however, that transport companies to individual Connections. This, if enough staff is available.

in order for this not to happen, for example, reacts to the SBB. So many are already working in the home office. Where this is not possible, such as in the case of the employees of the Central, in the operation of separate Teams were established, so that in the case of a contagion of cooperation, the operation can be maintained.

unlike other professional groups, drivers are not able to work in a home office. It is also known that the SBB have generally been more likely to be a little train driver, illness of cases can be poorly to compensate. It is examining various scenarios, as it comes with a larger failure in the case of locomotive Crews cope. "If it's not, we have to deal thinning", says SBB-Chairman of the Board Monika Ribar. The aim is not, however, stretch to close, but to drive, for example, instead of four times in the hour twice in the hour.

Condensed compositions are counterproductive

Similar it sounds to the BLS. If there is too little Crews there, will be thinned in the offer, it means for the club. "But that's a measure that we prepare during each flu season for illness-related absences of drivers," says a spokesman.

dispense with What the SBB at the moment, is the use of deliberately shortened trains, because, in principle, less people on the trains. This would be even counter-productive, because the commuters are in the short compositions are still close to each other.

at the moment, the SBB evaluate that in the sale plexiglass be placed so that the staff can be protected. The trade Union SEV called for this measure last week. In addition, no longer need to be taken in case of ticket controls, the Swiss-passport-cards of the Conductors in the Hand. This is to protect customers and staff.

Other public TRANSPORT companies are also measures to caution. So about post-car. "The ticket sale by the driver is set," said a spokeswoman. The passengers to buy Tickets through other channels, such as at a ticket vending machine or via the Webshop and use the App. As an additional protection measure, the front door of the postal car is closed. Bus companies and associations close to the measures of post car. So, the same rules, for example, apply in the territory of the Zurich transportation network , in the adjacent A-wave Region, but also in Berne, mobile.

employees: Jorgos Brouzos

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