Where it popped after the game, today is a Bar

they meet in the middle of the storm. Not 24 hours before it popped around the stadium of the FC Basel . While the representatives are talking of the police an

Where it popped after the game, today is a Bar

they meet in the middle of the storm. Not 24 hours before it popped around the stadium of the FC Basel . While the representatives are talking of the police and the FCB and work with the fans, to circulate on the Internet Videos, which is, as masked men attack police officers. And as these rubber buckshot into the crowd firing. Nine police officers have been injured. A police vehicle was set on fire.

Now you sit there so, to find the answers. Outside runs that game, the starts always, when in Switzerland, around a football game, something happens. In the online comments, there are good tips. Lock-out! Lock up! Stones knock! Parties, such as the CVP send out press releases: "police officers Should be well within the stadium's present?" The police officers Association announced: "The frustration in the corps is great."

The de-escalate Bar to behind the Muttenz curve. Photo: Andy Mueller (fresh focus)

The pressure on the people in the crisis meeting is enormous. You agree, inter alia, to open a Bar.

Almost four years have passed since then. On Thursday the verdict in the trial of 16 alleged perpetrators of violence will be announced that Afternoon. It corresponds to the movements of the waves of indignation around catching Walt that without this court is not a uninvolved more on the riots from the 10. April 2016 would think.

In Switzerland, could take quite a bit of it, what happened in Basel after the outbreak of violence. And also from what didn't happen. The waiver of activism. And to the question of guilt and expiation, which poisoned the relationship between the police and Fans in the Swiss curves.

The temptation of the politicians

of Course, Baschi Dürr hear the demands for a rapid solution against catch Walt. The FDP-man is in that of April in the election campaign. As the basel urban police Director, he could distinguish themselves with pithy words. He admits, in retrospect, frankly: "Because there is the danger of the political quick-shot." But he also says: "I don't like the icon in the policy."

This try to prevent in the North-West of Switzerland, in dealing with Fans for so long that the Name "Basel way" has naturalized. It is very a lot of dialogue and less to do with Repression. Police Director, Dürr says: "It is a political philosophical question of to what extent a politician can profile, if he does nothing."

Where, – nothing not already. The Basler try a sort of triple jump. First, violence is condemned in public. Then hard and soft measures, such as a new video surveillance or are announced Bar for Fans and also introduced. Finally, the offender should be punished. "The importance of a specific law enforcement, not all the hits is. But those who have done something," says Dürr.

Can trigger the presence of police officers violence that would not have existed without you?

At this point – before the court is, now, the ruckus of 2016 arrived. But what seems like a logical conclusion, could have a very different effect on the lives of Fans in the curve and police officers. This is tense by constantly recurring confrontations anyway. Beat Meier, longtime head of security of FC Basel, noted: "the potential for Frustration there is among the Fans and the police." And now both sides are hoping for a kind of justice that exclude each other in practice.

In the "view" is Johanna Bundi Ryser to the start of the process the voice of the annoyed police officer: "We have lost confidence in our judiciary." The President of the Association of Swiss police-officer calls: "I hope that the FCB will be punished anarchists hard." In the Muttenz curve it sounds, by nature, somewhat different. Not that acquittals for proven acts of violence are to be expected. But many Fans wish that the judge also considered the approach of the police is critical. For the curve of the origin of the riots is an unusual appearance of a group of police officers at the stadium exit right after the end of the game.

Thus, the process also presents a question for the police representative Bundi Ryser nothing more than "a cheap excuse of the football anarchists": Can trigger the presence of police officers violence that would not have existed without you?

"the violence at Matches is produced only rarely by thugs who actively seek violence. And almost always due to group dynamics."Clifford Stott, a Professor of social psychology

this is Exactly what Clifford Stott. A murmur goes through the hall, as the British Professor of social psychology at the University of Bern speaks. The University invites in may 2019 at a Symposium on the topic of catching Walt, on the ranks of police officers sitting in virtually all Swiss cantons. Stott says: "We need to move away from the idea that football fans are the Problem." Then he fixed the audience and calls out: "you are the Problem!"

of Course, Stott's like a little provocation. But it is based on the findings of mass psychology. He has researched what happens when the police treat a collection of people as a group and not as individuals: "Then violence can be regarded suddenly as a legitimate means of self-defense. Also in the case of people who reject the use of violence otherwise."

Stott has advised Uefa, his work has changed the tactics of the British police during demonstrations and football games. He knows that his proposals for police officers encounter in the beginning is little love. That's why he says: "There is no question of casting blame. But by scientific facts. Violence at Matches is produced only rarely by thugs who actively seek violence. And almost always due to group dynamics."

This Knowledge flows can, in the Swiss police work. It comes to the difficult concept of proportionality. To explain "the, is one of the biggest challenges of a police Director," says Dürr. And then tried it this way: "the question is, whether or not assumed collateral damage are greater than the offence itself."

innocent bystander loses eye light

On the Basel outbreak of violence translated, it goes about a question: Is it proportionate, in the Moment of rubber buckshot in the 10'000 people in a confined space from the stadium streams?

The Prosecutor's office answered this question with Yes. Quite early in the course of the riots, an innocent bystander loses his sight when he is hit by a rubber bullet. Although the required minimum distance is not adhered to, the office of the public Prosecutor, the proceedings against the police officers that did the shooting. This had acted "in a state of emergency" and therefore "comparatively".

Such judgments to be registered in the curve. And you can have an influence on the behavior of the Fans. The more weight has the expected judgment. The curve thinks, all the accused were framed to be uniformly hard to make a mark, grow your grudge against the police. The judgments from the point of view of the police from traps to gently grow on your side of the animosities.

The Bar is can increase the an icon

During the process, so the potential for conflict, has recently been exactly at the site of the riots, those Bar, which was still decided in the first crisis meeting. And operated and funded by the Fans who donate any profits.

There are people who see the opening as a reward for violent anarchists. Dürr says: "This Bar is a concern of mine." Because he does not play to the a solution in the fight against violence in Football. He says: "It needs Repression and technical assistance. But low-threshold programmes are more successful."

And so they are now there on the platform, three Container, expanded to a Bar. As the outstretched Hand for a more peaceful living together.

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