The biggest car, the biggest house: he is not doing

It needs self-control, to the great temptations to resist. And a clear Plan. The Julian nail man, even if he was briefly shaken. Namely, as the mobile phone of

The biggest car, the biggest house: he is not doing

It needs self-control, to the great temptations to resist. And a clear Plan. The Julian nail man, even if he was briefly shaken. Namely, as the mobile phone of the Leipzig-Trainer rang the bell, and José Angel Sánchez reported, – the General Director of Real Madrid. "Who would pushed aside when Real calls?", nail man asks rhetorically. He was in 2016 at the age of 28 the youngest Bundesliga coach of the story, remained steadfast. Not only because of his knowledge of Spanish only for a Welcome ranged: "Hola, que tal." No, especially the Plan for the sake of.

in This case, it would not have been the first Time that nail man would have to reschedule. He was only 20, as the dream of a professional footballer, was finally burst. As the Last he had suffered a tear of the anterior Cruciate ligament. That was not the greatest tragedy of this period: half A year later, his father died unexpectedly. Nail man moved back into the parents house in Landsberg am Lech, a small town in the southwest of Bavaria. He helped his mother in the case of administrative matters, as he told the "Independent". "That made me a lot more Mature," he says.

maximization without him

The football magazine "11 friends" described nail man three years ago as "the oldest 29-Year-old in the world". Of luxury he doesn't much like to, he drives with the bike or electric Skateboard in the Training: "The Problem of our society, the tendency to maximize is. The biggest car, the biggest Bank account, have the biggest house. Because I don't want to be there." Nail man is a man of the old school. He has his principles, which he is faithful.

one Goes his own way: Leipzig-Trainer Julian nail man. Image: REUTERS/Robert Michael

The game, he has divided in 31 of them, for example, he would like to force the opponent to a false passport than it is to conquer the Ball in a duel - a duel of man against man has him to a lot of random. All of the principles, he will not reveal, only its players you need to know: "you can probably not enumerate all, but when I put on the Training, stop and ask what it's about, you can name the principle."

That was at the time of the TSG Hoffenheim so, he is also now at RB Leipzig. This clear Plan, this obsession with Detail, and, above all, the love of the game made the previous business students with a 22 to the head coach of Hoffenheim's U-17 and three years later he was appointed as U-19 Coach of the German Champions, with 28, he took charge of the first team of TSG. He would have done it a year earlier – was not there but still in possession of the necessary license.

League, then Champions League

Hoffenheim table was second-to-last, as a brand-man began in February of 2016 office. Confidently he managed the League in the following season he led his Team into the Champions League qualification, a year later, he reached 3rd place and the direct place in the Champions League. At this time he was already the Star of the industry.

generations-duel: Julian Nagel man meets again today on José Mourinho. Image: EPA/Andy Rain

in addition to Real, Arsenal, Tottenham, Dortmund and Bayern Munich was strongly interested. But nail man made a different decision, he went to Leipzig. The Club have sought the most, he explains to the Independent: "Many Clubs have contacted me and said they would want me to maybe commit. In Leipzig, there was no maybe." Compared with "11 friends", he called for a further reason: "I feel it as a challenge, my foot left a footprint in a Club." So how he would have done it in Hoffenheim. In Leipzig, he could improve himself as a coach at Real, however, as it only results would count. And: "I am as a coach, still young, if my career to some extent continues to run, perhaps later, once again the Chance to take a club of this category."

"Mini-Mourinho" is hot

so Far, this Poker went on for nail man's career goes steeply upwards. Already in the first year, he qualified with Leipzig for the Champions League and stormed in the quarter-finals. Today, he meets one of the biggest in the Guild: José Mourinho. "Mini-Mourinho" was also one of the first nicknames nail's, missed by the former Hoffenheim Goalie Tim Wiese. "We don't have the same philosophy, but it's not too bad to have a nickname in connection with Mourinho," said the nail man. Close the 32-Year-old is more likely to Pep Guardiola, he sends and also video clips via Whatsapp to discuss then together.

The decisive hit: Timo Werner scored in Leipzig in a Penalty to the 1:0 victory in the first leg against Tottenham. Video: SRF

The first duel of the generations and game ideas won nail man at Tottenham 1:0, the quarter attracts so final. "As a young coach, you love those Tests," said the nail man. Finally, it is these tasks that let him continue to grow. For So long, until he feels ready to take on an international Manager. Would irritate him to the Premier League, especially La Liga. He probably already has a Plan for how he would greet all those present at the first press conference: "Hola, que tal."

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