Now she even gets praise from the soccer legend

the voice of the athletic trainer needs in order to be permanently aware of: It really happened. Half an hour played in the game between Brazil and Holland. And

Now she even gets praise from the soccer legend

the voice of the athletic trainer needs in order to be permanently aware of: It really happened. Half an hour played in the game between Brazil and Holland. And Natasha Honegger is sent running to Hot. No, the coach wasn't joking when they announced on the day prior to the redemption of the card – it is actually used. "I think my heart was never so quickly as in this Moment," says the Footballer, a few days later. From then on, everything goes quickly. 15 minutes run, then in the cabin, then the completion message. Goalie Honegger replaced Aline: "I felt like I was in a dream." In the childhood dream that is now fulfilled.

Although she grew up in Greifensee, was running around the daughter of a Brazilian and a Swiss father, even as a little girl in the Shirt of the seleção. The desire to play for Brazil, which was always there – even if it was years later, something in the Background. By then, namely, when the now 22-Year-old was offered in the fall of 2018 for the first time for the A-national team of Switzerland. At the time, they are still for FC Luzern and fought with Elvira Duke (at the time FCZ) and Nadja Furrer (GC) for a place in the SFV-squad.

First she wanted to. cancel

In January 2019 coached the 1.79-metre-wide goalkeeper with the Swiss cross on the chest, and had arrived before all this competition in the head – until the call from Brazil During a Zusammenzugs with the Swiss national team in Spain. Since you came back, the memory of the childhood dream. And yet, Honegger was first thought, as she says today, "I say."

speak a call from Brazil remains a call from Brazil, which is why she decided, with the Swiss national team coach Nils Nielsen. And the Dane, since November, 2018, in the office, was surprisingly understanding. He advised her to follow the siren call, and at least once to indent. The experience is for life – that you would regret a possible rejection later. A Council, for it is still very thankful for today.

The Big Save: Natasha Honegger stops Shanice van de Sanden. Image: Getty

after a visit to the headquarters of the Brazilian football Association in Rio de Janeiro, the childhood dream was as real as never before. And the Brazilians tried strong. Stronger than the SFV. And because Honegger expect to have in Brazil a better chance, in the medium term as a number from 1 to enforce, this was the last piece of the mosaic that led to the final decision for the country of their mother. Although the lack of reaction of the SFV is not indicative of a lot of appreciation, it is the football Association grateful. In particular, due to the goalie-specific training: "This is in Switzerland at a very high level."

The message from Marta

Honegger posted their decision on Instagram, shortly before a visit to the cinema. You not amazed, as she looked in the Pause on the phone, and various messages one stood out: that of Marta, the six-times World footballer, perhaps the best Footballer of the history. "Seja bem-vindo!", you wrote – welcome. Honegger was beside himself with joy: "This means a lot to me and also shows what a person she is." In the meantime, she has learned Marta as a national team colleague to know each other better, the good impression remained. More still: He is now also each other. "After the 0:0 against Holland, they said in the media, I was in the cabin, although still like a little fly on the wall, on the place she had been surprised of my performance and presence positive."

check out this post on Instagram to

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A year after the Nations came Honegger on Wednesday so to your first game. This was the beginning of 2019, hopes for a place in the world Cup squad of Brazil, which was, however, denied. "Maybe it was better this way, finally, all around my Vocational a-levels would otherwise be-much more complicated," she says, looking back. Also helped her Faith to cope with this setback: "I am convinced that God has a Plan for me. This, I trust."

Because of injuries, the first half of the season

missed That you had also at the beginning of this season, shortly after her move to Paris FC. Then, as she had for the first time in your career of bad luck with injuries – due to various injuries, most recently a torn Muscle in his thigh, missed the entire first half of the season. Since the first game of the second round, however, it is the number 1 of the current table, the fourth, in the case of the two Swiss play Coumba Sow and Eseosa Aigbogun.

And, above all, she is now officially the national goalie of Brazil, game with a countries. In particular, because of two good parades against the European champion, Vice world champion and two-time Champions League winner Shanice van de Sanden has received praise from media and Staff. The goalie coach ennobled you, but was also confirmed. He thinks the world of her, as he stressed to Honegger again and again. So she's arrived in a group, dancing, laughing, before and after the Games to pray. She feels comfortable, a piece of home. God's Plan, as he / she believes to make sense for you. But now, now it is up to her: "I must continue to work hard, then I have good chances to be the number 1."

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