We were really poor losers

the team of The HC Davos , who won from 2002 to 2015 six championship titles, was in the Swiss ice hockey as a "Playoff Monster". A multi-headed, long-sta

We were really poor losers

the team of The HC Davos , who won from 2002 to 2015 six championship titles, was in the Swiss ice hockey as a "Playoff Monster". A multi-headed, long-standing core of senior players out: loomed especially Reto von Arx. The 43-year-old Emmental cheese may be referred to as the Swiss Playoff players of his Generation. Of these, two witnesses, Final took part in 191 Playoff games, and three scored most goals. 2015 resigned from Arx, until recently, he was assistant coach of the Swiss U-20 national team, he previously coached Teams at lower age levels, as well as the A-national team in the same function.

Due to the Coronavirus players need to wait two and a half weeks until the Playoff starts. What is the trigger in a Team, if this message reached it in the midst of this feeling of tension, tingling and anticipation?
The players are now in Stand-by mode, this is now the challenge. Those who pass the time at best, and mentally adjust to the Situation, in the first round, a big advantage. Best you go now, if you train well, without the need to be mentally already in Playoff mode.

The title of the Final against the favorite opponent of Bern: Reto von Arx with the Cup in 2007 (picture Arno Balzarini/Keystone)

Ghost games remain an Option. You have previously experienced at least test the games, which were held practically without spectators. How was that?
Difficult. I played the most in full stadiums, especially in the Playoff. And most of all in Bern. In the case of Bern - Davos, the stadium was always full, the hall shook, you were running in front of the huge Fan-wall on the field. So I can imagine games without Fans hard. This is not the ice hockey, the players love.

you have experienced both extremes: In Davos, they were mostly the player with the most Support. Away, in Berne, have just been insulted a few such, and booed. Because they wanted not games without Fans?
no, never. Those were the best games. I took the never personally. Even if 16'000 against you that can give you a team force. If you are in such moments, together as a Team and this energy in the stadium for you can use, it's still easier than if the hall would be empty.

I played the most in Bern. In the case of Bern - Davos, the stadium was always full, the hall shook. I took the insults personally. Even if 16'000 against you that can give you a team force.Reto von Arx

a title without A Playoff. This is for the ZSC as a qualifying winner is still possible ...
I don't think that would be a title that a player would look forward to. Zurich have expressed clearly that you don't want to be the master. The Nice thing about a title is the whole way with the three Playoff series, all of which have their own history, and the Team shot even more welded together. For a title you're proud that you go as a Team this way, together could.

Increasingly, mental coach come in, especially in the Playoff. You never had one. To whom they appealed when in Doubt?
I was very rarely in doubt. In the Playoff round games will be played on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I tried to fly never to high and never fall too deeply, no matter what had happened. In the Playoff, you have to tick off the last Match, whether he was good or bad.

The last title: Reto von Arx with Dino Wieser after the final victory of 2015 against the ZSC Lions. (Photo: Gian Ehrenzeller/Keystone)

you have experienced with Davos within two years, two extremes of a master Runs. In 2009, it was about the maximum length of 21 Games with Games in 2-day-basis during around seven weeks. In 2011, they qualified with two 4:0 Victories for the Final and had to pause two Times between the series of ten days. Which mental was the bigger challenge?
In both cases, it was important that we were not from the outside to be swayed. We were able to separate and know what we need to do. In 2009, the people said in the semi-final, we were tired – we found still more ways to win. In 2011, it was said how difficult it was to bridge the 10 days between the series. But we had the experience and several players who had been denied very many Playoff games. We know how to deal with this Situation, when we were able to drive the Motor down and when we had to be ready.

The championship title in 2009, is also closely associated with a song. During seven weeks droned "Human" of the American Band The Killers almost continuously from the Davos wardrobe. What is the significance of a Playoff song for a Team?
Each of then has a Smile on his face when he hears this song. It triggers a good feeling and has a good connection. It accompanied us the whole way, led us at the end of the title. It had a Boost-effect: as soon As the song rang out, we were right back in Playoff mood. It's these little things that it takes in the Playoff so they all know that Now we must stand together again.

select the song democratically, or the DJ decides? Today, from Lausanne, Robin Grossmann was responsible for the music.
We have not had in any Playoff a song. We were not a superstitious Team. We heard this song once before and after a victory, then it was "booked".

Tristan Scherwey or Simon Moser are typical Playoff player, which I admire. I don't think it is a pity, are you at this time.Reto von Arx

For Playoff success, it needs various factors. Davos was in the stage with the six titles is known as a Team with the core of senior players, as well as a collection of bad loser, had an Image as evil and disliked, and used.
This is a question I have asked myself after the resignation more often than that. We were really bad losers. That helps. I've seen many such players. You have advantages because you invest anything to win. I like such players. Winning is also a habit. As well as Losing. Just a Best of 7 is also decided in the head. Since you were down as a bad loser nor a sign placed at the end of the game. It was nothing Beautiful, and inspired many people. But our opponents knew then: We will be in the next Match ready. These are small characters, in a series in which you play up to seven times against the same opponent, large weight.

Wins in the playoffs so often the Evil? This was, for example, in 1998, with train and met afterwards on the Bernese Champion Teams ...
Also, Bern has these players. Tristan Scherwey, or Simon Moser are for me the typical Playoff player, which I admire. I don't think it's a matter of pity, are you at this time. They embody for me, Playoff Hockey. You have this "Grit", this bite, the it takes to the opponent, cutting off their hands.

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