Federal Prosecutor disempowered Fifa investigators

There are turbulent days for the law enforcers of the Federal government. Mid-week the own have supervisors Michael Lauber in the affair of his secret meeting

Federal Prosecutor disempowered Fifa investigators

There are turbulent days for the law enforcers of the Federal government. Mid-week the own have supervisors Michael Lauber in the affair of his secret meeting with Gianni Infantino, the chief of the world football Association (Fifa), as a liar, and, ultimately, incompetent Federal Prosecutor hung. Politicians and Newspaper commentators are calling for the resignation of the chief Prosecutor.

Under these circumstances, starts tomorrow at the Federal criminal court is one of the most prestigious processes of the Era Lauber: Accused four Ex-Fifa officials because of an alleged 10-million-franc fraud ahead of the football world Cup in Germany in 2006.

However, internally there are rumblings in the office of the attorney General – precisely in the focal area of football. It comes to a weighty finish with a turbulent history: the former head of The internal football task force, is leaving the authority after he was ousted from power twice.

management problems on the Fifa complex in addition to

In August, 2018, he was deprived of the leadership of the task force, which deals with around two dozen cases, out of football. By the end of 2019, the second shock followed: The Affected person also had to submit to the leadership tasks, which were love in the area of economic crime verb.

Internally, accused him of the Fifa, complex management problems. Is documented but a scandal in the football context-the period between the two demotions: a task force-meeting from 28. February 2019, the affected state's attorney, presented "the current evidence, and a statement of the factual and legal risks" in its proceedings against the former Fifa Secretary-General Jérôme Valcke and the Ex-Finance chief of the world football Association Markus Kattner.

it must be Belonged to the Federal Prosecutor have been important. He requested a written summary of the presentation. It is a legally designated, but in an unusual act: A Deputy Lauber ordered followed the Ex-task force chief, the Valcke/Kattner-procedure. The person Concerned referred to this in a court's opinion as "so far, only direct Intervention of a Management team in an operating procedure".

before the command was implemented, took the matter up again a turning point: Ironically, in the case of Valcke/Kattner the Federal court met the three main involved in the criminal tracker for biased: Federal Prosecutor Lauber personally, his then-chief of the economic division, Olivier Thormann, as well as the now demoted Ex-task force leader. Due to numerous non-logged Lauber and Thor's Meeting with the Fifa leadership, they had to let henceforth the Finger from the procedure Valcke/Kattner.

The Ex-task force leader was involved

Significantly to the decision of the Ex-task force leader had helped, of all things, yourself. He had filed in the bias method, an opinion, which described the court as "remarkable". The state attorney was in fact outspoken, in the preparation of the informal Thor's Meeting with Fifa to be the representatives involved.

at the same time, he desavouierte the Federal Prosecutor, by the secret Lauber meeting with Infantino, ultimately, as pointless was: in his view, there was no "specific need for Coordination". This contrasts sharply with statements by Lauber yourself, which is the meetings with Fifa-top as a very important, but asserted that he could not remember Details.

Complete the memory of a third secret meeting with Infantino in the summer of 2017, what takes it to the Supervisory authority of the office of the attorney General (AB-BA) is gone, according to the Federal Prosecutor. In its published Disciplinary order critical Points for the meeting in the Bernese Hotel are blackened Schweizerhof. It remains unclear what was discussed, even for the AB-BA. Research shows that the supervision of the actual back room-run out of agreements. They describe the blackened Bodies of their impression that the Federal government took the legal profession much to the Fifa to prevent the sealing (blocking) request of the seized documents.

such An approach of prosecutors, according to multiple experts asked to be understandable and possibly useful. Because the sealing can delay proceedings for years and make it difficult. The BA evaluated the approach, however, is critical, she writes of a "legally uncertain agreement" between the office of the attorney General and the Fifa. And you complained that Lauber was not informed, according to his own information about it.

The BA has blackened in your disposal against Lauber is the name of another possible participant in the Meeting at the Schweizerhof. The "Süddeutsche Zeitung" wrote on Saturday, from "ominous fifth man". And the lawyer of the in the summer of fairy-tale case, the defendants, Urs Linsi is now demanded by the court in Bellinzona, to identify this Person. Because it's a new bias could ask questions that should have been involved, the Person in this investigation, it was said.

The "ominous fifth man" took to Meeting

In the case of the Person whose Name has been covered, this is Olivier Thormann. The alleged fifth man is, therefore, advocacy of the former head of the economic Department of the Federal government. Apparently, his Name was in connection with the Meeting in the electronic Agenda of Michael Lauber. However, there is evidence that Thor can't prove man, that he was not present.

Shortly after the Tamedia-Recherchedesk had made the first meetings Lauber with Infantino at the end of 2018 public, was Thor suspended man of Lauber. He left the legal profession to the fact the Federal.

Now history is repeating itself with the original the second most important investigators in the Fifa complex. The double degraded former task force head of Solothurn at the end of January, in the Canton as a Prosecutor in the Department of economic crime and organised crime will allow you to choose.

The Federal Prosecutor's office writes to request, "with regard to the personality rights, the" outer you "is basically going to personnel matters".

This article was first published on 8. In March, the international women's day. On this occasion, we use – wherever possible – instead of the generic Maskulinums the generic feminine. For example: patients, instead of patients.

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