Health insurance companies do not want to pay for a Corona Test

woman dares in these days scarcely to cough. Too great is the danger to be from the office colleague, or family Corona-General suspicion put. And then even if t

Health insurance companies do not want to pay for a Corona Test

woman dares in these days scarcely to cough. Too great is the danger to be from the office colleague, or family Corona-General suspicion put. And then even if the nose is clogged, the pressure increases, the virus test. Cost: 180 Swiss Francs. The Federal government has now ordered that health insurance companies must pay for the Test. But: More than half of those Affected have to pay it because of high Franchise still yourself.

Now, there is a small hope for rewards number on the inside with high deductibles. Because the health insurance companies fight back against the decision of the Federal government, the Corona-testing of the health insurance obligation, as research shows. In their view, the responsibility of the cantons is.

The Federal Council rejects the epidemic law

The health insurance argue with the people's health. If a large part of the population must pay for the Tests because of the franchises themselves, create the wrong incentives. Santésuisse-speaker Manuel Ackermann says: "It is in the public interest, that no one waived because of financial Considerations on a Test, if this helps to prevent the spread of the Virus."

The Association has invoked the epidemic act. This holds in fact, that the cost of the examinations will have to pay in the event of an outbreak of the cantons. The Federal Council has, however, undermined this paragraph, a regulation is simple.

The Federal government, one sees, however, no reason for the decision to come back. Many have to pay for the Test yourself, you will not find the Federal office for health (BAG) are unproblematic: "We see the containment of the epidemic jeopardised by individuals who have not exhausted the Franchise, you will need to pay for the Tests themselves," said amtsspr cher Daniel Dauwalder.

premiums increase because of the Coronavirus

How much the Tests cost cause, is incalculable. As of today, about 200 people in Switzerland by the Coronavirus affected. A total of 3500 Switzerland were tested on the inside has already caused the cost of 630000 francs. Experts assume that up to the end of the epidemic, up to 70 percent of the population could be infected by the Virus.

it Is assumed that the majority of people with dementia are tested, this would result in the cost of a billion francs. That's the equivalent of three premiums as a percentage. However, the Federal government now recommend testing only in people with pronounced Corona-symptoms testing.

The Virus is apart from the Tests, additional health costs in the millions cause: The health insurance Association believes there is no estimate. The Association refers but influenza on a study by the BAG from the year 2009 to the pig. The two diseases have large differences, for a rough cost scenario, a comparison is possible: The Study authors assume that about 2 million are infected by the Virus, and 2.5 per cent of Sufferers have three days to go to the hospital, some even to intensive care. This gives a total cost of around 380 million Swiss francs.

Once a vaccine enters the market, additional costs. The study was swine flu, that in a vaccinated population of 13 million doses of the vaccine to be 49 francs would be necessary. The causes of health cost of CHF 316 million. Overall, the health insurance companies would have to pay 683 million Swiss francs. That alone is equivalent to two premiums as a percentage. Together with the costs for the Tests, a total of around 1.7 billion Swiss francs would result. No wonder, the funds expect that the Coronavirus leads to a premium increase.

national Council of Fabian Molina shares the concerns

In the Canton of politicians, the cost of discussion of health insurance is bad: "The question of who bears the costs of the Corona epidemic, has now certainly not first priority", says the Basel health Director Lukas Engelberger. It on mute strange that the insurance companies are launching now a political debate on who should bear the costs of the Corona Tests and treatments. We could discuss it later.

National policy to throw inside, however, the same question as the health insurance companies. The Zürcher SP-national councillor Fabian Molina fears that the containment of Coronavirus might be more difficult, because people with high health insurance deductibles not medically examined with a lid. And the FDP-President Petra Gössi says: We should first wait and see how things develop and whether it will really come to a big epidemic. Only then we can talk about the health insurance "on any cost-sharing by the Federal government and the cantons".

This article was first published on 8. In March, the international women's day. On this occasion, we use – wherever possible – instead of the generic Maskulinums the generic feminine. For example: patients, instead of patients.

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