Change in Bern in EU

In Bern wants to speak in spite of Session, except for the SVP, hardly anyone publicly about the pending framework agreement with the EU. All the fear, before t

Change in Bern in EU

In Bern wants to speak in spite of Session, except for the SVP, hardly anyone publicly about the pending framework agreement with the EU. All the fear, before the vote from the 17. To burn may, on the SVP-limit initiative on this unpopular topic of the Finger.

This first, out of fear that the SVP Initiative may, despite the bad poll numbers, perhaps, but still a Chance.

Secondly, because what is becoming increasingly clear is that the Treaty as it is today, negotiated, is not enforceable. And even then, if the government can get out as we had hoped for some concessions.

Thirdly, for a good two weeks, with how the EU and the British to go in the second round of their Divorce proceedings. This might reveal that the Federal Council, the FDP and the economy have made associations hasty Commitments and you must now have a rethink.

Only the British and the EU negotiate

What is it about? The EU wants the British to conclude with the EU a kind of framework agreement, similar to Switzerland. Also, as with Switzerland in the framework agreement negotiated, there shall be a court of arbitration, the judge, regardless of the European court of justice (ECJ), but his judgment must be based. To do this, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said unequivocally no. Now, it may be that the EU and the British will not agree, but for the EU, the UK is a very important trading partner, and it is quite conceivable that, like last autumn, at the exit of the Treaty to a compromise.

Since then, there is also in Switzerland in the hope that the most controversial part of the Treaty, namely the dispute settlement mechanism, may perhaps be, but is still new. But there needs to be a renegotiation, not merely clarifications of how they wanted the Federal Council last summer by the EU.

Whether the EU will be ready to be seen yet. So far she has mastered himself is always against. The last time this came at the world economic forum in Davos, as EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Switzerland is calling for clear, after the vote by 17. May sign the framework contract, otherwise, you can expect unpleasant reactions to. Specifically, for the medical technology major contract would not be renewed.

One still sees new opportunities in dealing with the EU and talks about it, is the FDP councillor Ruedi Noser. He and his party were, until recently, tightly behind the framework agreement; you would have signed it immediately. Now, Noser says: "I believe that the Federal Council is not well advised, if he decides after the vote, but waits to see what the negotiations between the British and the EU. The have some of the same issues as we are."

Noser thinks explicitly to the dispute settlement mechanism set up by the British refuse. Noser: "Our Deal can surely not be worse, because after all, we continue to respect the free movement of persons." For too long it will take until you know whether the EU is doing with Johnson a Deal. "I think, in June, July you will be able to estimate whether the EU and the British can agree on," says Noser. He is confident that it will come to a Deal, and Switzerland can benefit from it: "I think it will be a lot of other possibilities open than it is today."

These "new opportunities" it needs, when it comes to get the trade unions into the boat. Because all of the clarifications to the protection of Wages, which will be made in the annexes of the framework agreement, can be tilted under the existing dispute settlement mechanism and the ECJ has crept back on. This is especially in the highly controversial question of wage protection.

unions want the blockade to give up

Here, the ECJ recently handed down a tough sentence. The Hungarian service staff, the work as a "wägeli seller" in the Austrian state Railways. The Austrian courts found that their lousy Compensation would be contrary to the local labour law. The ECJ ruled, however, it is applicable Hungarian law, because the "wägeli the seller to be increased" in Hungary in the trains.

to transfer the to the Swiss context, are the accompanying measures, according to the trade unions only a waste of time. You say because so far also uncompromising ' no ' to the framework agreement. Therefore, the negotiations between the social partners and the Federal Council on the framework agreement have had no success. That could soon change.

Federation of trade unions-President Pierre-Yves Maillard: "We have not changed our view and think that it is in need of renegotiation. The three open points to rules with only a few additional explanations, would lead to a fiasco in the Parliament or before the people." To prevent this, want to give up the trade unions after the may vote your blockade, such as Maillard announces: "When the people no to the SVP Initiative, says, as we hope it is, and the bilateral way to maintain, we will make constructive proposals."

This article was first published on 8. In March, the international women's day. On this occasion, we use – wherever possible – instead of the generic Maskulinums the generic feminine. For example: patients, instead of patients.

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