Fearless, thanks to Coronavirus cheap in the holidays

On the St. mark's square alone, with a few pigeons? Over the Rialto bridge with no place to be afraid of? Vaporetto travel at peak times, and still, there is a

Fearless, thanks to Coronavirus cheap in the holidays

On the St. mark's square alone, with a few pigeons? Over the Rialto bridge with no place to be afraid of? Vaporetto travel at peak times, and still, there is a seat? Everything sounds like Venice decades ago. But who currently in the lagoon city travels, you can experience something like this. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus a tourist, stay away from the otherwise crowded place.

And this is also reflected in the hotel rates, as a sample search on the online booking platform Booking.com shows. A week in the five star hotel Hilton about costs in the March to the 1200 francs. The man normally pays for the same time in Three or even two star hotel. If you look at the price for a booking at the end of June, shows: The Hilton will cost then again the 3000 Swiss francs.

Less than half the normal price – it looks similar in the search for hotel prices for Rome, Milan and other Italian destinations. Part you can book a week in a luxury hotel for well under a thousand francs. To travel if one wants to expose himself to the danger, in a Corona-crisis territory. And if you are working in case of doubt, after the return, due to the new regulations, many companies have no Problem with that, two weeks from home to.

But not only in Italy, the tourism industry suffers from the Coronavirus. Hotelplan Suisse is observed, for example, that holidays are being booked in General reticent. Also long-haul destinations in Southeast Asia, which are otherwise, in the case of tourists, it's very popular, are less in demand, so spokeswoman Bianca Gaehweiler. Therefore, the flight and hotel are the prices for Southeast Asia "tends to be lower".

General reluctance to travel booking

A Swiss spokeswoman says, especially to Southeast Asia, and Italy have the airline a booking decline. But also on other routes, a reluctance to bookings and travel was noticeable. The led "General decline in prices".

Quite so dramatically, the Swiss is not yet, however. The sample bookings for flights to Italy. To Rome you have to pay for flights to two weeks per trip on the weekend is still about 200 francs. This is likely to be due to the fact that the airline has reduced frequencies to the affected destinations. Because there are less flights, not more is the overhang of the Deal so dramatically that prices will tumble in the cellar.

On the remote there are currently some bargain stretch, however. Singapore Airlines about advertises prices for flights to Asian destinations, which are significantly lower than what you pay otherwise. For under 500 CHF, you can currently fly in Economy Class back to Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia. In Business Class the cost of Outward and return flight to Bangkok for around 2600 francs. Although this is still expensive, but about half of what you have to pay otherwise.

For departures from other countries, the situation is even more extreme. The Australian travel Agency Flight Centre, for example, sees a Parallel to the price development of the last major financial crisis. Portion of flights between Australia and the USA are even cheaper than then. In China, airlines are trying to fill their planes by offering, in extreme cases, Tickets for the price of a Cup of coffee. A three-hour flight from Shanghai to Chongqing about costs for the cheap Airline Spring Air equivalent to 4.50 francs.

Creative has been in the Malaysian AirAsia X, which is around a third of its sales, with flights to China. Members of the frequent flyer program, based in Malaysia can buy for a year, a kind of flight rate. A Cost Of 105 Francs.

This article was first published on 8. In March, the international women's day. On this occasion, we use – wherever possible – instead of the generic Maskulinums the generic feminine. For example: patients, instead of patients.

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