Will Liverpool also become a sheikh club?

Liverpool FC is about to change hands.

Will Liverpool also become a sheikh club?

Liverpool FC is about to change hands. The 'Fenway Sports Group' wants to sell the club. There seems to be interest from Saudi Arabia and Qatar in particular.

Currently - or rather: still - Liverpool belongs to the 'Fenway Sports Group'. The owners had recently announced that they wanted to sell the club. According to the portal The Athletic, the sum involved is around 4.5 billion euros. The Reds would thus become the most expensive football club.

Logically, there are not too many potential buyers who are interested in buying and also have the opportunity to invest such a sum.

According to the British DailyMail, there are two interested parties: a consortium from Saudi Arabia and a consortium from Qatar. Accordingly, the LFC could become the next sheikh club in the Premier League.

The two groups are said to have already reached out to Mike Gordon to register their interest. As director of FSG, Gordon is responsible for the sale of the club.

According to the report, both consortia are said to be private rather than state-owned. However, they should both have good and close connections to the respective ruling families.

Saudi Arabia's Minister of Sport, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, recently said: "I can't speak for the private sector, but there is a lot of interest, a lot of hunger and a lot of passion for football. We will definitely support it perform when a local private company performs because we know it also reflects well on sport in the kingdom."

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