Germany fought 1-1 against Spain: the individual criticism of the DFB-Elf

After a strong performance, the DFB team won a 1-1 draw against Spain.

Germany fought 1-1 against Spain: the individual criticism of the DFB-Elf

After a strong performance, the DFB team won a 1-1 draw against Spain. The two top teams met at eye level before Morata took advantage of a positional error by Süle. However, the Germans went a step further and had chances, especially after being substituted on by Sané and Füllkrug. After Musiala missed a big chance too stubbornly, Füllkrug provided the long-awaited liberation with his equalizer. We evaluate the DFB team in the individual criticism.

The captain was tested for the first time in the eighth minute when, with a bit of luck, he was able to deflect a brilliant Olmo shot onto the crossbar. After almost half an hour, he made a pretty lousy pass error, but was able to iron out the room. Neuer was not to blame for Morata's 0: 1 in the meantime. Otherwise he remained unemployed in the second half apart from an Olmo long-range shot. Rating: 6/10

Kehrer started strong and used his body well at right-back. As the season progressed, however, he made mistakes in timing and was no longer so good in duels. He also picked up a yellow card in one scene, which made him act more indecisively. In the middle of the second half, a slightly wobbly Kehrer, who also allowed the cross to make it 0:1, was replaced by Klostermann. Rating: 4/10

Antonio Rüdiger was solid as a rock and showed himself to be faultless both in positional play and in direct duels. Shortly before the break, he headed in after a Kimmich free-kick, but was just offside. However, Rüdiger remained dangerous with set pieces and tested Unai Simón from an acute angle. He also brought a healthy hardness into play, which is simply good for the team. Rating: 9/10

Niklas Süle showed a strong game over long stretches and mostly won the important duels. However, the interim 0: 1 by Morata was clearly his fault, as he simply has to stand in front of the opposing striker in such a scene. Especially in such balanced duels, such a mistake can also lead to defeat.Rating: 5/10

David Raum recorded a few ball wins and also showed himself to be safe in the passing game. Raum made few mistakes worth mentioning on defense, which is by no means a given against Spain. He also withstood the pressure of counter-pressing. He can be forgiven for not finding a taker for his few crosses on the offensive. There was also a lack of occupation of the penalty area. Rating: 7/10

Joshua Kimmich seemed pretty unremarkable in the first half and didn't really manage to take control of the game. But his standards came dangerously. First he prepared Rüdiger's offside hit, a little later he fanned the Real defender again with a stationary ball. In the second half his standards didn't come anymore, but he became dangerous here and there from the game. His big chance in the 55th minute, which Unai Simón defused, is particularly worth mentioning. However, Kimmich only played 29 passes in the entire 90 minutes. Very, very little for his standards. Rating: 6/10

Leon Goretzka brought important physique to the German midfield and presented himself as strong in one-on-one combat. In the tenth minute he started a dangerous offensive run, but then served Gnabry, who was slightly offside. Afterwards he hardly appeared offensively, but did an incredibly important job on the defensive. Repeatedly, his sprints were crucial in preventing the Spaniards from getting dangerously in front of the German goal. Rating: 8/10

Jamal Musiala was able to start some nice dribbles, but he lacked playing partners up front. Accordingly, he could get maximum standards out. This got a lot better when Leroy Sané came into the game, with whom he played well. In the 72nd minute, after a strong solo, he placed the ball dangerously in the middle for Füllkrug. Shortly afterwards he should have prepared the equalizer, but he chose the shot freely in front of the goal, with which he was denied by the Spanish goalkeeper. A fatal mistake, but he made up for it at least in part by initiating the filling jug hit.Rating: 7/10

Gündogan usually found good football solutions, but never really found his way into the game. In the duels in particular, the midfielder came too rarely and was usually a step too slow. In the 55th minute, Kimmich prepared a chance, otherwise the Manchester City star was a little too pale. Rating: 5/10

Serge Gnabry didn't have a lot of action in the first half, but he still became dangerous on occasion. Among other things, he had the first good German chance to graduate, but he missed it slightly offside from Unai Simón from a tight angle. In the 25th minute, the Munich player aimed at the far corner from 16 meters but missed the far post. In the second round, Gnabry usually made the wrong decision and made many bad passes. On the other hand, what was strong was how he tirelessly worked backwards. Rating: 5/10

Müller worked a lot at the top and showed himself to be reasonably sure of the ball in his few actions. In fact, the veteran was almost completely cut off from the game. He only made 18 ball contacts in 70 minutes and was not involved in any shots. He lost all of his five duels. Rating: 3/10

Lukas Klostermann replaced the red endangered sweeper and did a good job. The Leipziger positioned himself cleverly and brought his passes to the man. Rating: 7/10

Leroy Sané immediately brought momentum into the game and prepared Musiala's mega chance with an exemplary pass. Shortly thereafter, his pass to the same was decisive for the 1:1. Shortly before the end he even had the 2:1 on the slippery slope, but decided to corner Unai Simon, which he did not succeed in. Rating: 8/10

The attacker brought incredible power into play and caused quite a bit of unrest. With brute force he also scored the incredibly important 1-1. From a German point of view, Füllkrug is the man of the day.10/10

Hofmann didn't really get into the game in his few minutes. Without rating

The BVB defender once put himself in distress by canceling the offside. However, he saved this scene with a courageous and clean tackle in the penalty areaUnrated

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