FC Bayern Munich: Before the Inter game: Annoyed Nagelsmann misses the energy

A tired appearance is enough - especially for Julian Nagelsmann.

FC Bayern Munich: Before the Inter game: Annoyed Nagelsmann misses the energy

A tired appearance is enough - especially for Julian Nagelsmann. The short, tight-lipped answers of the sometimes over-ambitious Bayern coach clearly showed how much this Bundesliga damper in Köpenick annoyed him.

From the record champions' perspective, there shouldn't be a repeat of the Champions League start at Inter Milan. "The energy level has to be like the games before," said Nagelsmann after the disappointing 1-1 draw in the top game at Union Berlin. "We weren't 100 percent mentally alert in some situations."

Twice 1:1 - the Munich team, who seemed so unstoppable until recently, don't always win. Against Borussia Mönchengladbach, that could still be attributed to "usury of chances", as Nagelsmann said. Now his professionals have to process the first really disappointing performance of the season before the start of the group phase in the premier class at Inter Milan on Wednesday (9 p.m. / DAZN).

Inter like Union?

Standing low, defending in a disciplined manner, clever fouls and ice cold in front of the goal: Union strengths are also said to be for Italian teams. So is there a threat of the next tough attack against a defensive bulwark? "Inter play a bit differently," said Nagelsmann, but added: "There are parallels, but I won't go into detail now, otherwise they might do something different." However, he does not believe that the Milanese will only limit themselves to defending.

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer came to a similar conclusion: "Maybe we see our chance that Inter will try to play more, that we will then win the ball in midfield and have a shorter route to the opposing goal."

Nagelsmann hit the game in Köpenick on the mind. His answer to the question about his explanation for the lack of energy: "I don't know, that's sometimes the case." That his team has slipped to third place for the time being? He said he "actually didn't give a shit" on the fifth day of the game. He always wants to win, "that's why I answer briefly and I'm tense".

No striker debate

He also seemed annoyed that after just one game without absolute dominance there were questions about a lack of creativity: "We had 31 shots on goal against Gladbach. I think that's creative enough," he said. He also does not want to let a center forward debate after the departure of Robert Lewandowski in view of the usury of chances become an issue. "How many goals did we score? Plus 14 I think."

The team would have needed more tactical discipline against Union. "It was a bit more free spirit, and then it's difficult to provoke what we want to see from the opponent," said Nagelsmann.

Thomas Müller, who initially sat on the bench, saw, like his coach, shortcomings in using the few opportunities: "In the other situations where we could have been dangerous, the last action just didn't quite fit and was a bit too unclean. "

No risk with Musiala

Müller came on for young star Jamal Musiala, who was plagued by an injury. "I had the feeling that he was still not at 100 percent. He kept making this movement at the hip, rotating in and out," said Nagelsmann. That's why we didn't want to take any risks.

Bayern have to shake off the disappointment in Berlin. "In a group phase like this, the opening game is simply very important for the feeling and the progression so as not to come under pressure," said Müller.

It is also a special game for the 32-year-old for other reasons. He adores the iconic San Siro. "It's not the most modern stadium anymore, but I've been there as a spectator since I was a kid and I'm still very impressed by the history," he said. "If you've ever sat in the upper ring, you know what's going on."

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