A premiere unedited and without fanfare

it Was all so normal that it was strange. Day 1 of the new Government of Spain kicked off as a start Governments in Spain from 40 years ago. The four vice-presi

A premiere unedited and without fanfare

it Was all so normal that it was strange. Day 1 of the new Government of Spain kicked off as a start Governments in Spain from 40 years ago. The four vice-presidents and 18 ministers met to first time in the Palace of the Zarzuela. Without going off the script or tweaking the classic formula, they pledged loyalty to the King and save, and do save the Constitution. No more. Felipe VI was “King” and not “citizen Bourbon,” as used to call him the leader of UI —and now minister of Consumer, Alberto Garzón. And the Constitution was the Constitution and not “the regime of 78”, which is referred five years ago, the now vice-president and leader of United we Can, Pablo Churches. Go without a tie and with a discreet pin that symbolizes the anti-fascist struggle was the only thing that distinguishes them both from the rest.

As a greater personal contribution, is the formula of the “Council of Ministers” used by Irene Montero, and Yolanda Diaz —ministers of Equality and Work to United we Can, respectively— but even that was completely new. The vice-president Carmen Calvo (PSOE) already used the “Council of ministers” on the inauguration of the first Government of Sanchez, in which she was the holder of Equality.

A morning in which the anecdote was the lack of anecdotes, such as would announce shortly after Carmen Calvo at the Ministry of Health, which is addressed to deliver the portfolio to Pablo Iglesias: “We are in an act of absolute democratic normality”. As if she also will be missed the issue.

After the step of protocol of The Zarzuela began the tour of the distribution of portfolios, which will be the second Executive's largest democracy. The Ministry of Health, where will be the new dispatch of Churches, was crowded. The vice president and Social Rights Agenda 2030 assumed her duties with a smile and with cries of “Yes we can!”. He began his speech by appealing to the social movements —“do Not tire of criticizing, do not fail to put us under pressure”— and ended up quoting Antonio Machado: “To engage in dialogue, ask first. After, listen to this”.

it Was a morning marathon, for Calvo. The first vice-president, a newcomer to his inauguration in The Moncloa as minister of the Presidency and Relations with the Courts, was dedicated to Churches, a few affectionate words before you re disappear headed to the Secretary of State for Equality to give your portfolio a Montero. “Democracy is the play in solidarity and this will depend in an important part of your atino, work, and success, of which we have no doubt,” he said. The leader of United we Can set as a goal “to ensure, entrench, and expand the social rights”, as well as make Spain an international reference in the fight against climate change and inequalities.

At his side were Garzon and Salvador Illa, the new minister of Health and very close to the leader of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, also present at the event. The Health is become from now on one of the cores of the power of the new coalition Government to the house at its headquarters of two ministries and the vice-president of Churches —the only United we Can, compared to the three that will lead the PSOE—.
At his inauguration, Garzón laid aside his role of minister, communist and republican convinced. The one yesterday was not, however, the first time she called the King to the King. He escaped once in an unconscious way in 2016 after a round of consultations with Felipe VI. He himself was surprised to hear: “I've told the King,” he repeated. And shortly after explained: “In the United Left are not going to become monarchists, despite my slip of before.”

A few meters of Health was another of the foci to which yesterday directed the attention. The Secretariat of State for Equality, that now will have a range of Ministry. Bald —in his fourth stage of the morning— gave it over to Irene Montero, who promised to make of feminism a flag of the Government. “You have a pit in which we are also all, also the veterans,” he said of his predecessor after highlighting the importance of the “relay of generations”.
Montero, 31 years, separated more than four decades of the most senior Executive. The new minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, is 77 years old and was the only one who, quite naturally, decided to skip the script of what is politically correct on the first day. The sociologist and economist, showed his disagreement with the president's decision to separate into two in the Ministry of Science and Universities and, to the surprise of the listeners, it was so wide.

The King did not give his role more relevance than necessary. After the joke he did to Sanchez in his inauguration to warn you that “the pain comes later”, yesterday closed the ceremony with the ministers, with a simple “good luck”.

Updated Date: 13 January 2020, 20:00



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