Trash preview: These reality and casting shows start in 2023

The new year begins in an entertaining way.

Trash preview: These reality and casting shows start in 2023

The new year begins in an entertaining way. In addition to the jungle camp and "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", reality TV and casting show fans will also get their money's worth with the help of other formats right at the beginning of 2023.

The jungle camp kicks off on January 13 (on RTL or via RTL). This will be filmed again in Australia after it had to take place in South Africa in 2022 due to Corona. In addition, Jan Köppen (39) brings a breath of fresh air to the jungle, he takes over the moderation from Daniel Hartwich (44). Together with Sonja Zietlow (54), he presents the popular reality show 2023. Jungle camp doctor Dr. Bob (72) is back. Candidates include singer Lucas Cordalis (55), actress Jana Pallaske (43) and trash TV macho Luigi "Gigi" Birofio (23).

The 20th and last season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (RTL) will be broadcast from January 14, 2023. The new jury around pop titan and returnee Dieter Bohlen (68) also consists of his musician buddy Pietro Lombardi (30), singer Leony (25) and rapper Katja Krasavice (26). Laura Wontorra (33) will appear for the first time as a backstage moderator of the castings and live shows.

In the dating format "First Dates - A table for two" since 2018, normal singles have usually been looking for their soul mate. In two special editions of the show, which were announced by the broadcaster, prominent participants will dare to go on a TV date at the beginning of next year. Every star meets a single who is not part of public life. From January 16th, "First Dates - Promi-Special" will be available on the streaming service RTL, and the two episodes will be broadcast as a double episode on January 30th on VOX.

The actresses Radost Bokel (47) and Lucy Hellenbrecht (24) as well as the actors Andreas Guenther (49) and Bela Klentze (34) take part in the first edition. The second episode features "DSDS" winner Prince Damien (32), former football commentator Werner Hansch (84), actress Lisa Feller (46) and musician Vincent Gross (26).

The RTL dome format "The Bachelor" is part of the standard program for many trash TV lovers. The show will be in its 13th round in 2023. The broadcaster has not yet announced any information, neither the Bachelor, the candidates nor the start date are known, but the format can always be seen at the beginning of the year.

In a few weeks, Heidi Klum (49) will again welcome numerous candidates hoping to become "Germany's next top model". The first episode of the now 18th season will be broadcast on February 16 at ProSieben prime time. The other episodes will then also be shown on the channel every Thursday at 8:15 p.m. ProSieben had already announced in November that the young models were going to Los Angeles. There they should run their first fashion show. In May 2022, Lou-Anne Gleißenebner-Teskey (19) prevailed against her competitors and snagged the title in season 17.

In autumn 2022, RTL announced another season "Prominent Separated - The Villa of the Exiles". In the spring, eight former couples are to be seen in the second season of the reality format. The former “Temptation Island” candidates Kate Merlan (35) and Jakub Merlan-Jarecki are moving into the house. Sandra Janina (23) and Juliano Fernandez (24) also took part in the show, both couples went home together, but later separated. In "Prominent Separated" the former lovers in South Africa want to test how they feel about each other now.

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