"Summer House of the Stars": These celebrities really freaked out

The new season of "Summer House of the Stars" (RTL or via RTL ) is in the starting blocks.

"Summer House of the Stars": These celebrities really freaked out

The new season of "Summer House of the Stars" (RTL or via RTL ) is in the starting blocks. From September 7th, eight celebrity couples will again be fighting for 50,000 euros. In the seventh season of the reality show, too, a wide variety of characters meet and should not only create atmosphere, but also Zoff.

Past seasons prove that it is not unusual for there to be a bang between the camps in the "summer house". That was the biggest excitement of the show.

Especially the fifth season offered numerous conflicts. The now separated couple Georgina Fleur (32) and Kubilay Özdemir (42) mixed up the house from the start. After a few glasses of wine, the mood between "Goodbye Germany" cult emigrant Andreas Robens (55) and Özdemir changed in the first episode. After Özdemir provocatively announced that he wanted to do his business standing up, the emigrant decided to "shake things up" with the entrepreneur. But when the other candidates tried to defuse the situation and keep the brawlers away from each other, Özdemir got angry. Finally he spat ex-Bachelor Andrej Mangold (35) in the face. He then shed tears of anger.

Despite Fleur and Özdemir moving out voluntarily in episode two, the atmosphere in the "summer house" 2020 hardly relaxed. Instead, the house split into two camps after the "Bachelor" runner-up Eva Benetatou (30) and her then fiancé Chris Broy (33) moved in. Former "Bullyparade" actress Diana Herold (48) and Michael Tomaschautzki (50) strengthened Benetatou's back. The rest of the house, however, stood behind Mangold and Jennifer Lange (28). The tensions between the two sides regularly erupted in major disputes. The spirited YouTuber Lisha (35) was abusive several times and described Benetatou as "deviant", "sneaky" and "asocial". The former nemesis have since reconciled. The rivals Mangold and Broy met again in 2021 on the RTLzwei show “Kampf der Realitystars”.

There were also major disputes in 2019. Between the late Ballermann singer Willi Herren (1975-2021) and the former "Bachelorette" participant Johannes Haller (34), there was a huge crash. Together with his wife Jasmin Herren (42), the musician with his nomination voice made sure that Haller and his then partner Yeliz Koc (28) had to leave the house in the semifinals. In a heated discussion, the dome show participant insulted men, who even threatened an injunction against his competitor. The Herren couple left the house in fourth place. Haller and Herren also saw each other again at "Battle of the Reality Stars 2020.

However, there were also disputes among the couples in 2019. Always brushed on riot: Ex-"Love Island" candidate Elena Miras (30). Due to unsuccessful games, she threw insults at her then partner Mike Heiter (30) not only once. One game in particular caused a real tantrum for Miras. After Heiter had already answered a few questions about his loved one incorrectly, she finally just cried: "Separation, separation!" However, the participant also directed her displeasure at the camera team after she had considered a game unfair. Her horrified exclamation "Where has the fairness gone? Where?" remains in the memory of numerous viewers to this day.

Daniela Büchner (44) and her husband Jens (1969-2018), who has since died, created a negative mood in the house in 2018. Daniela Büchner preferred to mess with comrade-in-arms Patrick Schöpf (53), former partner of society lady Shawne Fielding (53). When she said that her daughter was "still decent" at 18 and Patrick laughed because he thought this statement was "pure naivety", her tone became much more aggressive. Felix Steiner, then partner of erotic model Micaela Schäfer (38), was a particular thorn in Jens Büchner's side. In the end, the Büchners messed it all up, the couple was nominated and had to go. Jens Büchner's conclusion at the end: "I've never seen such a mendacious pack."

The fact that the anger of all participants was directed against a couple was repeated in 2019 with the participation of hit star Michael Wendler (50) and girlfriend Laura Müller (22). But not only the behavior of the newly in love towards their roommates caused dissatisfaction. The couple's frequently exchanged tenderness was also not welcomed by their fellow combatants. In front of pop star Willi Herren, Wendler kept patting his wife's half-naked bottom. When he gentlemen said "Did you want to have a go?" asked, the former "Lindenstrasse" star had to leave the room, visibly upset. "I just can't do it," he then explained to Jasmin Herren, stunned. Wendler and Müller finally had to leave the "summer house" in the third episode.

In the very first "summer house" a pair of lovers also quickly made themselves unpopular. The former "Bachelor" participant Angelina Heger (30) moved in with her then partner Rocco Stark (36) and caused a lot of trouble. Heger accused Alexander Posth (44) and his wife Angelina of leading a sham marriage. During the show, the stunned couple spoke of an ad. Rocco Stark stood by his girlfriend, which in turn competitor Xenia von Sachsen (36) could not believe. She became clear: "You don't have to defend her anymore either. Oh God, I can't see your face anymore." Heger and Stark were nominated by all couples and had to leave the house after episode one. The couple separated before the first "summer house" episode had flickered across the screens.

In the sixth season of "Summer House of the Stars" the situation was also often tense. Mike Cees-Monballijn (35) and Michelle Monballijn (43), who even went into couple therapy after the show, provided a lot of fuel. In the middle of a challenge, Cees-Monballijn received criticism from his wife for his performance and left him alone. Apparently he didn't like that at all, which is why he hit a fence post in a rage and finally hit his fist until it bled. However, he told his fellow contestants that he hit the challenge car and said: "It's just a game, you're full of adrenaline." Not everyone bought that from him. He was criticized above all for dealing with his wife, whom he always patronized. In retrospect, he even apologized publicly on Instagram.

But it wasn't just between the couples that there were disputes, there were also heated arguments with the competition. Almklausi (53) and his wife Maritta (35) also had to experience this. A simple question as to whether Mike and his wife Michelle live together in Berlin drove him crazy. Cees-Monballijn felt like his relationship was being questioned. Both have left the summer house behind and are still a couple.

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