Preview: TV tips on Tuesday

Richard Brock (Heino Ferch) is asked for help by the desperate Clara Rink (Julia Koschitz).

Preview: TV tips on Tuesday

Richard Brock (Heino Ferch) is asked for help by the desperate Clara Rink (Julia Koschitz). She asks for an assessment of her husband Johannes (Benjamin Sadler) - whom Richard knows. Once he treated his father. Like his father, does Johannes possibly have schizophrenia? When Richards meets Johannes, he writes numbers on Richard's hand - a telephone number. It belongs to Eva Faller (Mavie Hörbiger), an attractive prostitute. Richard senses that Eva Faller is in danger. When trying to get her to safety, they both come across Johannes Rink, who has ambushed Eva. In a fight, Richard kills him in self-defense. The police, on the other hand, believe in self-defence.

Today ProSieben sends Linda Zervakis, Matthias Opdenhövel, Aminata Belli, Hadnet Tesfai, Axel Stein, Paul Janke and Evil Jared into the race against his two employees Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf. If ProSieben wins, Joko and Klaas have to put themselves at the service of their employer without restrictions. If Joko and Klaas triumph, ProSieben clears its prime time the following day and gives the two 15 minutes of live broadcasting time to freely design.

Isa (Sabine Postel) represents the psychiatrist Oswald Hochstetten (Holger Daemgen), who is being sued by a patient for breach of his duty of confidentiality and defamation. The young man, who is said to have problems with aggression, confessed in one session that he would kill his wife, after which the therapist alerted the police. As it turned out, the plaintiff, a garbage collector, is not married at all. In the therapeutic session he only expressed fantasies, which the psychiatrist has now made public.

The promise of prosperity is part of German identity, the foundation of German post-war democracy. But now the question arises: is "prosperity for all" just an illusion? The journalists Steffen Haug, Nico Schmolke and Andrea Maurer travel through a country that is becoming poorer and that is currently having to reinvent itself: companies struggling to survive, industries undergoing upheaval, families in need of existence. Chancellor Scholz, Vice-Chancellor Habeck, Finance Minister Lindner and opposition leader Merz answer questions in interviews.

IMF agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is assigned to his ex-colleague Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott). He is now a wanted terrorist and intends to wipe out large parts of humanity with the help of artificially produced viruses. It already has a component that is necessary to breed the viruses. Hunt must now try to get possession of the second component.