Preview: TV tips on Sunday

A woman is found dead at the foot of the Brocken after Halloween.

Preview: TV tips on Sunday

A woman is found dead at the foot of the Brocken after Halloween. Chief Inspector Doreen Brasch (Claudia Michelsen) initially does not associate the murder with superstitious or even spiritual rituals. The fact is strange though. The body was burned, on a kind of pyre. And finally it turns out that the victim was tortured - using methods of the medieval Inquisition. Who is behind this act?

They resemble three forces of nature. Coincidence flushes them into a flat share: the stubborn widow Frieda (Therese Hämer), the meticulous monument conservator Jasmin (Saman Giraud) and the practical carpenter Tinka (Lotte Becker). But can they find a home on Frieda's Erbhof Heckemellersch? For Tinka it is now the only possible place of refuge after her wedding fell through. And Jasmine also urgently needs a new place to live.

Today, 20 prominent athletes are collecting money for the RTL donation marathon. For every obstacle you conquer, you win a sum of money. Finally, the top three stand in front of the new Mount Midoriyama with three obstacle elements instead of just one rope. Among others: Luca Hänni, Elena Miras, Eric Stehfest, Kira Walkenhorst, Evil Jared Hasselhoff, Filip Pavlovic and Thorsten Legat.

20 years after a devastating alien invasion, Earth is once again under attack from vicious aliens. Despite numerous security measures, the enemy troops have managed to penetrate the earth's atmosphere and cause terror and devastation. Dylan (Jessie Usher) and Jake (Liam Hemsworth) are military pilots preparing for devastating combat. As the stepson of legend Steven Hiller, it's up to Dylan to save humanity.

In this episode Melissa Khalaj, Ralf Moeller and Wayne Carpendale take on Steffen Henssler. In the culinary competition, moderated by Laura Wontorra, they want to convince with the support of their cooking coach Alexander Wulf. The jury headed by Jana Ina Zarrella, Reiner Calmund and Christian Rach decides who gets the most points and is therefore allowed to donate the prize money to a good cause.

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