Fashion: Do you already know these trend colors for autumn 2022?

Fashion is there for everyone and should bring joy.

Fashion: Do you already know these trend colors for autumn 2022?

Fashion is there for everyone and should bring joy. Which clothing suits whom is individual. But the fact is that the color plays an important role when choosing your new favorite item. You can find out here which color trends will be available in autumn 2022.

It goes without saying that red is one of the trend colors for autumn 2022. In various nuances from bright orange-red to dark Bordeaux red, the trend is reminiscent of colorful autumn leaves and puts you in a good mood. In addition, the warm color is a welcome change from simpler trends such as gray or beige.

Green is also reminiscent of nature and therefore captivates with a natural look that is easy to combine and has a reserved effect. Dark green, almost bluish, is particularly popular in autumn 2022. However, variations such as a more muted olive green also work. The trend color can be combined with many other colors and works not only in autumn, but also at any other time of the year.

It is the alternative to black: night blue looks a little less harsh than black and is a little reminiscent of a beautiful dark blue night sky. You can wear the trend color well with other clothes in shades of blue, but grey, white or cream also work.

Gray is anything but boring and drab. On the contrary, this fall 2022 color trend is timeless. It is a real all-rounder, because gray can be wonderfully combined with all other colors. It is always classic and reserved, but also cozy and suitable for autumn. If you like to wear statement pieces a look in gray also offers the ideal basis for a bright color accent.

Beige or camel are similarly reserved as gray, but just as beautiful and versatile. The color trend goes with everything and can look especially classy when you wrap yourself in it from head to toe. As with gray, you can combine just as beautiful bright colors that set an exciting accent.

Bright orange could be the bright color that you can combine with the simpler color trends like gray or beige. Similar to the bright red, orange brightens up dark autumn days and is a beautiful eye-catcher. The trend color comes in different shades, if you find a bright orange too eye-catching, then a nice orange-red, which is somewhat reminiscent of the color of a pumpkin, could be something for you.

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