Disco: This is how we wear our nails this fall

With a new season comes new nail trends.

Disco: This is how we wear our nails this fall

With a new season comes new nail trends. Colorful, flashy summer colors are now giving way to make way for darker colours. It doesn't have to be subtle or drab: these nail trends are eye-catchers even in gray autumn weather.

The disco nails trend is inspired by the colorful lights of nightclubs. The nails are painted with shimmering or metallic paints in bright colors, glitter also provides a disco ball effect. For a particularly extravagant look, paint each finger in a different color.

Unusual nail art has been in trend for a long time and does not stop until autumn. If you like it a little more subtle, you should opt for Two Tone Nails. For the nail design, two different colors from the same color family are combined, such as different shades of green, orange or red, and then painted in a French look, for example.

The glazed donut trend is still here in the fall. The look has been popular on TikTok for a few months under the name "Hailey Bieber Nails", as the model typically wears her nails in a simple, shimmering mother-of-pearl look. Her nail artist Zola Ganzorigt has revealed the exact products she uses for the trendy manicure. With white nail polish and a shimmer powder, the whole thing can also be imitated at home.

Black has always been one of the most popular nail polish colors for the cold autumn and winter months. In 2022, the color will be trendy again. However, the emo French nails, i.e. a classic French manicure with black instead of white tips, provide an exciting twist.

If you only think of gold and silver when you think of Chrome, you are wrong. Chrome nails shimmer in a wide variety of colors this fall. In the nail studio, the look is created using various methods, such as nail powder or special gel varnishes. But chrome nails can also be easily conjured up at home, for example with nail foil.

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