Coffee Table Book: When the book becomes a decorative element - five tips for buying later

Normally one buys a book because its content interests one.

Coffee Table Book: When the book becomes a decorative element - five tips for buying later

Normally one buys a book because its content interests one. Then it usually finds space on the bookshelf, where novels, biographies and specialist literature are stacked or lined up next to each other. With a coffee table book, it's not just the content that tempts you to buy, but the overall look. Because this type of book is intended for reading or browsing, but also as a decorative element.

Coffee table books are often illustrated books that impress with their breathtaking photography - and of course have a handsome cover. This is usually a hardcover. Since many of these books are very heavy and large, they tend not to be read for a long time and tend to have more pictures or photographs than text. Smaller variants are also provided with a lot of reading material.

Coffee table books can be staged in many ways. You can stack them, for example: the best way to do this is to put the largest book on the bottom and the smallest one on top and place a vase or decorative object on top at the end. It looks especially nice when there are at least four books.

Or you can place a coffee table book open in the apartment to draw attention to certain pages. For example, you can put it open on the coffee table or a side table or put it open on the windowsill and decorate closed books and decorative objects around it. But you can also place them individually in the apartment and stage them on tables, chests of drawers and window sills. If you like it particularly creative, you can also place a high stack of attractive books in a corner of the living room or use a "coffee table book stack" as a kind of side table.

The books are therefore visually appealing and act as decoration, but also as inspiration. For example, these five issues are pretty and at the same time great for browsing through and getting inspired:

Mario Testino's shots are candid and intimate at the same time and made the Italian one of the most influential fashion and portrait photographers. Testino shows an extraordinary, visionary eye for different worlds and cultures and is always up to date. His book "Ciao" is great for browsing and sets lively, colorful accents.

This large-format photo book shows Peter Lindbergh's penchant for cinematic productions that produce such seductive photos and show, among others, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. The coffee table book "A Different Vision on Fashion Photography" brings together more than 300 images from his forty-year career.

Tim Flach's multi-award winning sequel to the acclaimed "Equus" delves deep into the psyche of the enduring bond with dogs and presents an exquisite study of "man's best friend". "Dogs" also includes impressive photographs - ideal for dog fans.

Everyone has things they would like to do - if it weren't for work, family, school, money or other responsibilities. A guide to fun and life-affirming activities, The Bucket List Coffee Table Book offers an eclectic selection of ideas such as self-improvement, exercise, natural wonders, cultural experiences, culinary delights and more.

The coffee table book "Wall and Piece" by Banksy convinces with the ingenious street art of the exceptional artist as well as with appealing texts that explain his art. The artist's comments can also be found there.

Tip: Coffee table books make a great gift for Christmas or other occasions. Of course, the book should be thematically appropriate to the person you are giving it to and, ideally, it should also look good in their home. But especially in Corona times, something pretty for the four walls that also helps against boredom is a great gift.

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