Bronzing powders: how to apply them correctly to achieve an immediate 'good face' effect

A slightly tanned face flatters everyone.

Bronzing powders: how to apply them correctly to achieve an immediate 'good face' effect

A slightly tanned face flatters everyone. And one way to show it off, without having to expose the skin to the negative effects of the sun, is by using bronzing powder. For many women, sun powder is a great unknown, while others cannot live without it. Used well, this cosmetic helps to achieve an immediate 'good face' effect by providing a natural and radiant tan. Although there are other ways to achieve the same effect, such as applying makeup bases, sun powders have the advantage of sculpting the face, providing touches of light in certain areas and giving it that flattering tan that is achieved after a few days at the beach. .

When applying bronzing powders, Gato, Maybelline's official make-up artist, explains that “it's about imitating the sunny effect that the sun leaves on the skin after a day outside.

It usually affects more in the hairline, mid-face area (from ear to ear) including the bridge of the nose, chin and neckline. Therefore, the ideal is to apply a brush stroke in this area and then blend well all the contours. This creates a real tan with nuances that will make it more flattering." For a simple application and with a good result, the make-up artist recommends using «a thick XXL brush with loose and thick hair to avoid forming lines or strokes that are too marked. The more faded the tan, the more believable it will look."

Sun powders can be applied to bare skin (previously hydrated) or after foundation, depending on the desired result. In this case, the application is also different, as Junior Cedeño, Dior's international make-up artist, points out. «To achieve a transparent result without powder, it is advisable to previously apply a primer or primer all over the face. The primer, for example, Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF20, will smooth the skin, provide luminosity and will avoid creating an artificial 'material effect'. In addition, it lengthens the duration of the makeup because it allows the powder to be fixed and prevents it from moving. Then apply the bronzing powder in a very thin layer over the entire face, caressing the skin with the tip of the brush, without squeezing or loading the brush with product. A second layer of bronzing powder is then applied to the parts of the face where the sun would hit: hairline, temples, front of cheeks and bridge of nose. Sometimes a touch of sun powder on the eyelids gives an interesting tan effect. It is applied in a block, with a brush stroke, on the entire eyelid».

The make-up artist offers another trick to complete a make-up with a tanned effect «apply a little black kohl to the waterline of the eye and blend the product that has 'smudged' on the row of the upper lashes with a little sun powder and lower with the help of an eyeshadow brush. By blending with the khôl, the bronzing powders, used as eye shadow, create a very sensual solar make-up».

If makeup base is used, Junior Cedeño recommends “applying it to the central area of ​​the face and extending what is left out, so as not to give the cheeks an overload of material. Sun powders on top of a layer of opaque makeup will create a heavy, artificial matter effect, especially in the summer when we're looking for fresh makeup."

It is just as important to apply them well as to use an appropriate tone and finish for the natural color of the skin. In this sense, Dior make-up artist Junio ​​Cedeño assures that “the most common mistakes with sun powders are color and finish. Many women use shades that are too dark and iridescent textures. I recommend always choosing powders with a matte texture and a tone above the skin itself. Gato is of the same opinion, who advises “choose a shade of bronzer always according to skin tone. Not too dark and on very light skin, avoid too orange sun powders that don't usually blend well. Better to choose light tans…more like dark beiges than oranges.”

Sun powders integrate perfectly with other cosmetics, for example, with blush. Junior Cedeño comments that «a little pink blush in the central part of the cheek brings a touch of freshness to the face. It is advisable to apply it first and on top of the bronzing powder for a natural result.