Schawinski met the woman who deposed him – and we have pity

Roger Schawinski hits in his third-to-last broadcast on SRF-Director of the Nathalie Wappler. So to the woman who kicked the successful format of the soon-to 7

Schawinski met the woman who deposed him – and we have pity

Roger Schawinski hits in his third-to-last broadcast on SRF-Director of the Nathalie Wappler. So to the woman who kicked the successful format of the soon-to 75-Year-old from the program. This could have been a Showdown – not least because of the belligerent prelude: The TV will always say, "conventional" and "anxious", "in part because of the leadership in this house", had Schawinski a month ago in his show. At the time, Ombudsman Roger Blum was a guest.

But the Showdown with Wappler on, it's not, although Schawinski – plated according to the consent of the TV-Director – the regular broadcasting time by several minutes. Yes, basically resembled these Schawinski-broadcast of an eternal avoidance of the actual issue, which never came directly to the language: schawinski's deposition by Wappler. Instead, it went to much out of the SRF-universe, what Wappler cannot be made properly responsible. About the deflated relocation of the radio studios from Bern to Zurich, the Wapplers predecessor Ruedi Matter had begun. Or the Deal with the advertising marketers Admeira, the SRF less money than hoped.

on the topic of the new Newsroom that wants to be after several years, just not ready for operation without that you could understand as a normal spectator, what this Newsroom is now bringing the consumer New. And what is the Problem, if there is no further explanation of "full IP" the speech is. "The SRF for the insiders" could have a title for this yesterday Schawinski-shipment.

"Dä Blocher, with sim stupid Stumpe"

at Least a little travel Schawinski started, when he asked Wappler to their controversial announcement, the SRF should not make any "opinion journalism": Schawinski tried the TV Director to prove that they haven't kept up with your own opinion back. For this, he resorted to a German TV-Format in the Wappler, the No-Billag Initiative in the run-up to the vote as a "schnapps idea" and a "beer Mat Initiative" was referred to. Schawinski's main allegation was that Wappler with a waiver of opinion journalism in the end just wants to protect the SVP, you've been told but in time, she no longer wanted to show the voters of the right party as a pillar of smoke, in the end, the cliché on television.

This is nothing less than the accusation of SVP status-hearing in the room. To this Argument, arm, had to Schawinski go far back to the first Swiss "crime scene" from which was cut at the behest of Wappler a SVP-cliché scene out. About ten years ago now. Last Schawinski tried to show that the cliché of the SVP-Stogie smoker exists just yet. He displayed two photos of Christoph Blocher with the cigars, cheroots, what Wappler was for some reason extremely irritating: The TV Director was sitting seconds before the two photos, as you've seen the Old Federal Council, never in your life. The rail itself Schawinski something sorry. Anyway, he tried the scene with a sloppy slogan to it: "Dä Blocher, with sim stupid Stumpe," he said, to proclaim towards the end of the broadcast, that this Blocher host its next broadcast is.

"Weisch, Roger, has developed in the last years, a lot more"

And schawinski's deposition? The came only indirectly to the language, when it came to the transmission faces. Many signs would have to leave the SRF, said Schawinski, without saying what he thought: that the most significant departure is in the offing yet, namely his own. "It's never nice when someone goes away," said Wappler, "but there is always a Chance to new people to build."

just wanted to let Schawinski, of course, does not apply to: "transmitting faces are just meant over the decades to correct the transmit faces," he said. As examples, he pointed to Johannes B. Kerner and the TV dinosaur Thomas Gottschalk. "Yes, but weisch, Roger, has developed in the last few years, but much more," said Wappler meek. How right you was, you had to Schawinski even admit, as the TV Director Jan böhmermann mentioned, had used for his ascent to one of the most well-known TV makers less than a decade. In any case, Schawinski was very quiet and we had sympathy with the TV-Talker, couldn't this evening as the occurrence, which he held us again and again: as an opinion journalist in his own right. Instead, he was tame and downright stuffy. As the television is, Yes, overall, if we believe schawinski's evaluation.

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