I couldn't help her anyway

On a Thursday in October 2017, a 44-year-old man appeared at a police station in Zurich, and stated that his wife was dead. He had beaten the day before, solid

I couldn't help her anyway

On a Thursday in October 2017, a 44-year-old man appeared at a police station in Zurich, and stated that his wife was dead. He had beaten the day before, solid and kicked. Then he left the apartment. In return, he found his wife lifeless.

The image showed the disengaged police officers in the family apartment in Affoltern am Albis, described told the Prosecutor and later as "least disturbing". The wife was covered, in the shower, under the head a pillow. Her entire body was covered in bruises and abrasions, the back of the head, a blood wound gaped, and by the end, the lip was swollen and torn.

The paramedics had called the man, he knew, as he said to the police, immediately, that the 29-Year-old dead. Died, the the court later showed medical examination, in a multiple liver crack due to violent kicks or Boxschläge. She was hemorrhaging internally.

in The Morning, she was fit

Yesterday, Italy was-born Swiss, in front of the district court of Affoltern answer – and what he told there seemed to be less bizarre. That he was the cause for the death of guilt, the best he rode. Well he had beaten his wife on that Tuesday evening in October 2017. Well, you have suffered a bleeding wound to the head. To kicks but he no longer wanted to remember. That the police found at the scene of the crime, a broken stool, a leg was missing, and that this wooden leg and smeared blood in a plastic bag on the patio of a neighbor's showed up, he was able to explain just as little. The stool is already gone earlier broken – the bloody wood must have moved his wife: "you sometimes did such things."

On Wednesday morning, have cast his wife fit, at noon, you've been on the phone, "because she was quite normal." In the evening, he had found after he was swept with the common eleven-year-old son from a game of Football at home, in the hallway, lying in a puddle of urine, feces and vomit.

And what the man did, according to their own information? The woman put in the shower, so the Boy had to see them, and washed them. Even though he knew that she was dead. Cleaned the jacks along the floor. Just as he had wiped away after the brawl on the eve together with the child, the blood from the walls and floor. Then he bought some food, made dinner. Explained to the boys that daddy had to go to jail: "I've got you beat. And who beats his wife, is a Shit." Discussed with the boy if he wanted to stay to Italy to visit his Relatives in Switzerland or in the case of the grandmother: "I didn't want him to come home." Then father and son lay down to sleep, the dead woman you were in the shower, "I couldn't help her anyway," the man said to the judge. The next day he went to the police.

defender wants to acquittal

For the state Prosecutor, the case was clear: The man had taken the death of his wife in the time of purchase. "He went into a blind rage against you. His act is located on the border to murder, it is not only the direct intent is missing." Earlier he had beaten you again and again solid. Reason: the alcohol, the woman is looking for. The state Prosecutor demanded a prison sentence of 17 years.

The defender requested an acquittal, arguing that the insights of legal medicine. A liver tear usually run within a few minutes to hours to death. Between the fight that both father and son described, and the agonizing death of the wife, but passed about 24 hours. "My client can't be blamed for cracks on the Liver," concluded the defender. "He went at the anniversary of the death of his wife at five to work and came home only when she was already dead." It must have given on the Wednesday a further argument, "my client was there".

The state attorney objected to this Theory vehemently. There is simply no evidence of a foreign offender. No alien DNA traces, no traces of breaking in. And the kicks in the belly have been carried out in accordance with the advice of a foot without a Shoe.

The district court of Affoltern saw yesterday for the time being unable to reach a verdict. Not even a date for the judgement opening the court. First, the three-member panel will advise whether a further report is needed to answer the question of whether someone can survive for 24 hours with a Liver laceration.

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