The Ticino is unhappy and suffers

it Comes to the Chaos? That was the big question, the employees of the Ticino on Monday morning. Because of the decision of the Italian authorities by Saturday

The Ticino is unhappy and suffers

it Comes to the Chaos? That was the big question, the employees of the Ticino on Monday morning. Because of the decision of the Italian authorities by Saturday evening, the North of Italy to bar, also referred to the 70'000 Frontalieri who enter daily to the Ticino and go to work. In addition, the Swiss authorities indicated that only commuters with a Swiss employment contract (permit G) are allowed to enter.

"The borders must be closed immediately." Piero Marchesi, President of the Ticino SVP

so What would happen at the border? The answer is: nothing. Day-to-day motorcade of the commuters moved in the Morning in the direction of the Ticino, without any additional controls. The Swiss customs authorities indicated that only the samples and the risk to be operated on based controls.

For the Ticino national Council Piero Marchesi is too little. He does not understand how the health of the Ticino, on the game set could be, he says. The President of the Ticino SVP calls it: "The borders must be closed immediately." Exceptions, see Marchesi, in the case of the workers, which are urgently needed Doctors and nurses, the talk is of around 4200. In a Motion he filed along with party colleague Marco Chiesa on Monday afternoon, he proposes, too, that those indispensable Italian work should remain in force until further notice, in the Canton of Ticino.

cross-Border economic area

The southern part of the Canton is in a tricky Situation. The borders are closed, collapsing the local economy. We all know that. Because Ticino has long been a part of the economic region of Lombardy. Were to go in and out, but especially people. Alone in the Ticino's gastronomy is at least 60 percent of the employees come from Italy.

There are many Hotels, especially in the Mendrisiotto, the build almost entirely on Frontalieri. For Massimo Suter, President of the Ticino, is not a question of a closure of the border in question. Because the economic situation was "very, very difficult". The bookings in the hotel industry collapsed. "Almost 80 per cent. And for the Easter business,in Ticino, traditionally pointing the way for all the years, it's not better." The industry is under pressure, and without the skilled workers from the South would increase this even further. This also applies to the construction industry, but in particular for the healthcare sector.

Nor are you allowed to build in the Canton of Ticino to the foreign professionals. As a customer, the Italians are gone, but already from the Ticino. The big shopping center such as Fox Town have to do without clientele from the other border side. In the pedestrian zone of Chiasso, just a few people run through the street. "This is crazy, yesterday the hell was going on here," says the service employees of a Bar.

Undesirable students from Italy. The University of Italian Switzerland in Lugano had to do this on Monday afternoon announced that from midnight of the Campus for all the Italians to stay closed. This also applies to the Swiss-based students who have been recently in high-risk areas.

checks in the Hinterland, Courant normal customs

Officially allowed in the Ticino events up to 150 people. In fact, the cultural life is come to a Standstill. Of a raffle, the Ambri-hockey fans, right up to the opening in the Lugano cultural center, Lac – everything cancelled. This also applies to all football matches in all leagues and age groups.

How it goes in the Südkanton, had to report in Switzerland, the first of a Coronavirus patient, know currently no one. While the Ticino Canton police conducted in the course of the day the land controls by, for example, after the border crossing Pizzamiglio at Chiasso, and the police lock on the Monte Ceneri built, was to tariffs, but also in the evening Courant normal – at least superficially.

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