Record number of passengers and unpünktlic here trains

The SBB count because of the Coronavirus epidemic at the time, ten to 20 percent less travelers in the Swiss railway stations and on trains. After Italy, the nu

Record number of passengers and unpünktlic here trains

The SBB count because of the Coronavirus epidemic at the time, ten to 20 percent less travelers in the Swiss railway stations and on trains. After Italy, the number of travelers has dropped by 90 percent. As a result, the company was losing 500'000 Swiss francs per day.

after France, 60 per cent travelled less than before the outbreak of the epidemic, informed the SBB on Tuesday at its annual media conference. This development mean for the rail company a loss of revenue of around half a Million Swiss francs per day.

For the protection of employees and travelers in front of the Coronavirus, the SBB also plan, in the case of the sale of Plexiglas discs set to install, as SBB CEO Andreas Meyer told the media. Disinfectant set up in stations, it would be beyond its possibilities, however.

No Tickets from the driver

post car responds to the epidemic by, the company has instructed its drivers to sell as of Wednesday temporarily no Tickets in the buses more. As a further protective measure, the front door of the post office will stay closed to cars and was told to post the car on Tuesday.

the aim of these measures was to protect passengers and employees and to prevent in addition to health-related absences of the on-Board staff. Passengers must, therefore, acquire up their tickets at the machine or via digital channels.

record number of pass

in 2019, the SBB have sold so many tickets and people are being promoted like never before. At the same time, trains were less people on time. Nevertheless, the customer satisfaction increased. With 463 million francs, the group was a result of 18.5 percent lower than in 2018.

"In sum, a mixed picture": so Andreas Meyer, described on Tuesday in front of the media in Bern at his last media conference as SBB CEO of the financial year 2019. On the one hand, an "incredible demand growth of 5.6 percent" in the passenger traffic is there, on the other hand, it was raced in the areas of safety and punctuality is less good.

in Particular, the 4. The quarter was in terms of punctuality, a "real crash". Just 83 per cent of passenger trains were still on time on the road. Overall, the punctuality of the trains was in the year 2019, at 89.5 per cent (-0.6 percentage points compared to 2018).

The year 2019 had shown that "the System has come a bit to the limits", said Chairman of the Board Monika Ribar. You are not satisfied with the result, especially because of the deficiencies in the two core competencies of the SBB. Overall, the group is well positioned, however, so that the new CEO, Vincent Ducrot could develop the concept of the integrated rail.

1.32 million travelers per day

The SBB 1.32 million travelers transported in the last year, every day. That was almost 6 per cent more than in 2018. Their connections to the transit stations reached 96.8 per cent of travellers, 0.2 percentage points less than in the previous year. The reason for the problems with the punctuality of the increasing demand, the tight schedule, lots of construction, disruptions in the rolling stock, lack of vehicles and Crews, according to a communication from the SBB. Punctual in the year 2019 in favour of the freight trains by SBB Cargo (91.9 points/ 2.5 percentage points).

Overall, is down to the customers satisfaction, on average, slightly higher than in 2018, both in person (75,5 points/ 0.6 percent) and freight transport (average of 70.9 points/ 2.2 percent). The SBB still see a need for action. Better about the Information of the customers in case of failures and punctuality of trains had to be.

for the First time, more tickets digital purchased

The SBB have sold in the last year, 124 million tickets, 15 per cent more than in 2018. For the first time, more than half of the tickets have been purchased tickets via digital channels. The paragraph at the counters and vending machines continued to fall. Nine out of ten Tickets to the customers to solve today.

8.8 million trips have been made with saving tickets. According to a customer survey, approximately 3 million passengers travel with the train, but only thanks to the discount. Around 1.5 million customers changed to weak utilisation of trains.

in the year 2020, the SBB want to provide their customers in the long-distance transport of at least 100 million Swiss francs discount with saver tickets available. The Price regulator and the rail group, in a joint statement, agreed, such as Price watchdog Stefan Meierhans said on Tuesday.

4 out of 10 have a GA or half-fare travelcard

There are also more General subscriptions ( 2 percent), and half-fare travelcards ( 5 percent) in the circulation. More than 3.2 million travelers have a GA or half-fare travelcard, or about 40 percent of the population. The show that SBB is "a very loyal customer base" having said CFO Christoph Hammer in his presentation.

Below the line, the group showed this result of CHF 463 million, the second best result in the history of the SBB, such as Hammer said. The consolidated net result, however, 18.5 per cent below that of the previous year. The refunds back to the customers because of the lack of to do operating capacity and higher benefits to the staff have done given the circumstances, a special effort, said Meyer.

The traffic earnings have increased by 2.2 percent to 3.6 billion Swiss francs. The full cost coverage in the long-distance traffic was approximately 80 percent, regional services at 45 percent. The freight transport wrote as a result of extraordinary one-time effects, a black Zero ( 3 million), on a purely operational basis, SBB Cargo took, however, a loss of 26 million Swiss francs.

3.6 billion of the public sector

Of the Confederation and the cantons, the SBB received in the year 2018, approximately a 3.6 billion of public funds, 3 per cent more than in 2018. These were invested in the maintenance, Development and operation of the infrastructure, as well as the ordered regional transport. Overall, the SBB 2019 will have invested around 3.8 billion francs.

The great knack of nut remains, according to Meyer, to keep a Balance between schedule stability and guarantee of maintenance. The growth of demand can only be regulated, if the load factors of trains will more evenly distributed, the incentives on the prices established and the customer information will be improved.

More stability in the operation hope Meyer and Ribar also finally got the new FV-Dosto double-deck trains from Bombardier. 29 of the ordered 62 compositions are currently in use. In the second half of the year 2020, the breakdowns of trains to be used on the East-West axis.

"The icon of Switzerland"

A further discharge of the system is the SBB hope, moreover, by the closure of three large construction sites in the year 2020: the Ceneri base tunnel in Ticino, the Eppenberg - and the Bözberg Tunnel.

"It was an honour for me to be able to 13 years, the icon of the Switzerland guide", adopted by Meyer at the end of the media conference. The most important dividend of the SBB is not in monetary terms, but their contribution to the quality of life of Switzerland. "I have worked with." (aru/sda)

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