Chronicle of a failure: How Trump dead was complicit in the 100,000 Corona-

"The burden of proof is overwhelming." The sentence is at the beginning of the documentary. Your last sentence reads: "Trump is irresponsible." Between thes

Chronicle of a failure: How Trump dead was complicit in the 100,000 Corona-

"The burden of proof is overwhelming." The sentence is at the beginning of the documentary. Your last sentence reads: "Trump is irresponsible." Between these two sets, a 45-minute charge is. ZDF correspondent Elmar documented Theveßen, as US President, Donald Trump all the warnings of his intelligence services and the expertise of its medical professionals simply ignored, and so for the many Corona-related deaths is largely responsible. The 100,000 Corona-the victims of the US-statistics recorded in the meantime. The documentary suggests that many people could have been saved, if Trump would have been faster and more consistent responding. Instead, the President played down the Virus and prefer to campaign for his re-election operated.

in Florida instead of crisis management

in January and February, the U.S. secret service had sent the information about the Severity of the Virus to the White house. The Ministry of foreign Affairs believed the secret service. The US Minister of health, who wanted to talk with Trump fact. However, Trump flew with his family prefer to Florida, and publicly announced: "We have a Plan and have done it well." However, there was no Plan. The former Minister of health, Kathleen Sebelius (2009-2014) complains: "All of the alarm have been ignored bells. America has slept through for two months.“ Trump said at the time: "Many think that the Virus disappears when the heat comes." However, the Numbers have increased.

masks are missing

In the US, not working at this time, the Corona-Tests. Also there was a lack of medical equipment. The camp of the so-called Strategic Reserve were looted since the swine flu of 2009. The former U.S. President, Barack Obama, wanted to let you the time to restock, but the Republicans blocked the deployment of the money. Justification: All health products could, at any time, in their own country get. Later, Donald Trump is to claim that it was Obama's fault that the camps were empty. You have found it empty. FOCUS Online

Trump listens only to Trump

at the end of January were reported in the United States, the first Corona cases. Trump said: "I think we have the matter well in hand." The US Minister of health, however, was of a different opinion and demanded five billion dollars for measures to be taken against Corona. The Minister of health was abused then in the White house as an alarmist. The Problem, stated in the documentary: Who does not agree with trump, it's hard under him and is in danger of losing his Job. Trump only hear what wanted to hear Trump. This makes a single-minded Corona-strategy is hardly possible.

Trump is generated as an expert

On a trip to India, Donald Trump announced on 25. February: "The Corona-Virus in our country is very under control." A day later, he stated that the normal flu would be between kill 25000 and 69000 people per year in the United States. Since the 15-Corona-the victims were not an issue. A group of visitors at the White house, the President also said: "We have done an incredible Job. It will disappear like a miracle.“ At that time, Trump completed the eleven-election campaign, and praised himself "a natural talent" in terms of Virology. 13. In March, there were 55 Corona-the Dead in the USA. Four days later, there were more than 600.

search for scapegoats

On the 27. March grew, the number of the Corona of the victim on 1604 and Donald Trump no longer deny the danger for a long time. Instead, he found a scapegoat. Obama was to blame for the empty medical Camps. The WHO have assessed the situation incorrectly. China did not hide information. Even Donald Trump tips on how you can be against the Virus protect was. His advice: You should rinse with a disinfectant through. This would internally clean. Impression documented with the original images, a ZDF correspondent Theveßen a long chronicle of failure. His conclusion: The US President, it is lacking in terms of Corona to any strategy. Through quick Action, people would have been life saving.

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