Guest post by Frank Thelen: Now, the biggest Revolution in the human story starts

Our policy is suddenly agile and meets daily courageous choices. A lot of companies have out of necessity your processes driven digitized in the shortest amount

Guest post by Frank Thelen: Now, the biggest Revolution in the human story starts

Our policy is suddenly agile and meets daily courageous choices. A lot of companies have out of necessity your processes driven digitized in the shortest amount of time. In our schools, finally, digital learning concepts are developed. Video Calls replace Face-to-Face Meetings and Online webinars, in-person events. Group Chats are the new coffee kitchen.

The Corona Momentum has shown us all, that we can get social change much faster than we have thought before. We just got a first look at the technologies that will shape in the future, our lives and our economy. Even today, artificial intelligence, robots, 3D printing, and synthetic biology play a Central role in the fight against the Virus. Exciting, but just no time?

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robots and flying drones are used in some cities to make the population on the necessary distance regulations carefully. In Italy, diving masks using 3D printers have been converted to much-needed ventilators. Artificial intelligence supports the researchers on several fronts in the search for remedies. Researchers at the University of Mainz simulated with specially-trained Algorithms in more than 30 billion individual calculations, which active substances can bind to available drugs, the Coronavirus, and found some promising patterns.

Google's AI “deep mind” to simulate the possible structures of the proteins of the COVID-19 pathogen and thus allows conclusions on its functioning. Both tasks are so complex that a human team of researchers will not be able to solve with conventional methods in the necessary speed. And the good news is that With synthetic biology and Crispr/cas, we already have tools with which we can the building blocks of the virus on the plane of the Molecule change. About the guest authors

Frank Thelen is a European serial founder, technology Investor, TV personality and mirror best-selling author. Since 1994 he founded and directs the technology - and design-driven company. As the founder and CEO of free spirit Capital, he focuses on Seed investments in European technology Startups. Together with Co-author Markus Schorn he published his new book, “10xDNA - The Mindset of the future”

A series of new enabling technologies is in the wings

The new tools in the kit of the future of Artificial intelligence, robots, 5G, IoT, quantum computers, 3D printing, Blockchain, synthetic biology. Each of these technologies alone have the potential of industries to revolutionize and change our economy in profound ways. The special thing about them is their convergence. These technologies were born in the digital age, “” and immediately global scale. They are combined with each other and so as to be able to reinforce each other.

quantum computers enable new AI-models - new AI-models enable better simulation methods in synthetic biology. This reinforcing cycle will result in the next few years the exponential progress in all areas of research.

Now is the greatest Revolution in the history of mankind

starts The digitization was only the beginning - Now the greatest Revolution in the history of mankind starts.

The Corona-crisis world, the Pause button is pressed. Politicians, businesses and citizens must find themselves in the new Situation. Countries such as South Korea, Israel and China were well prepared with their digital infrastructures better to the outbreak of a pandemic. Germany stumbled at first a bit tense, before it is set to the new location.

Now, we have built up a positive Momentum from the will to Change and openness to technology. This momentum we must use if we do not want to fall further back! To not strive to go back to “Before,” but use of the new technologies, to think of things in a new light: This is part of a 10xDNA.

The original 10xDNA the driving way of thinking was behind the Apollo program. Kennedy's Vision, a man on the moon and return, uniting policy, science and industry towards a common goal. The Corona-crisis has shown that we are in Germany but still able to make us as a country together with the greatest challenges. About the book "10xDNA - The Mindset of the future"

10xDNA thinking describes ways behind disruptive innovation, and explains why the speed of technological progress in the next few years, exponentially will increase. It was the decisive technologies of the future (Artificial intelligence, 3D describes printing, quantum computing, synthetic biology, 5G, etc.) and their application possibilities.

politics, citizens, and industry can work together to develop an incredible Momentum, which we would not have expected a few months ago, not at all. Germany and Europe have all the building blocks to become an innovation driver. The only thing we lack is the courage to think big, and big visions. Germany needs a 10xDNA! In addition to the Corona-crisis, there are a lot of great challenges - the consequences of climate change, the energy revolution or the threat of food shortages. They all can be solved with the new technologies and the right Mindset.

Either we Wake up now and develop a new Mindset, or we miss the Chance to be again at the forefront of Innovation, and lose the connection. Eventually, the lead of the United States and China can no longer obtain. To this day I don't want to experience personally. That's why I describe in my new book, “10xDNA - The Mindset of the future,” how to find the right Mindset.

hopefully This will move one or the other to create itself and drive innovation. I hope that more politicians take the time to deal seriously with the issue of 10x, Disruption, jump-Innovation or whatever you call it, seriously. We now need the Knowledge and the courage our country is well prepared for the future.

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