Ten times buried and The bizarre Odyssey of Hitler's corpse dug up:

among the many major plans of Adolf Hitler about the future after his own death, the idea of what should be done with his own mortal Remains. And since modesty

Ten times buried and The bizarre Odyssey of Hitler's corpse dug up:

among the many major plans of Adolf Hitler about the future after his own death, the idea of what should be done with his own mortal Remains. And since modesty was not one of the virtues of the "leader", he planned very large: 355 meters high and 1500 meters long should be in the hall, he wanted to find his last resting place. Built this gigantic Monument in Linz, the city had spent in the Hitler youth. In the middle of the "leader of the tomb" should be a Golden coffin – so, too, the posterity should remain the size of Hitler's always aware of it.

ammo box instead of a coffin made of Gold

But it should come differently. Because other than planned, ended by Hitler's slyly Second world war for Germany with a victory and the dominion over the Rest of the world, but with a total defeat – and, for him personally, instead of with a spectacular state funeral so that his body was burned in the courtyard of the Reich Chancellery. And held in a gold coffin and the charred were stored Remains for decades in a ammo box.

Until Hitler came long journey after his death to her surprising end, however, it will take 25 years. This trip had buried ten of the Station, to his Remains, buried and then dug again, and again, and again dug up were. The historian Harald Sandner has signed these stations in his voluminous, four – volume standard work "Hitler-The itinerary" from the Berlin Story Verlag downstream. Book recommendation (display)

"Hitler - The itinerary, Band I-IV: places of stay and travel from 1889 to 1945," by Harald Sandner

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In the decades of work Sandner Hitler's way of day-to-day and often hour to hour. And likewise, he has researched intensively, what became of the Remains of the "leader" and the ten stations between 1945 and 1970, are presented. The following is a list of the following of its findings.

"The meat bobbed up and down,"

Station 1, first funeral: Hitler commits in his living room in the bunker beneath Berlin's Reich Chancellery, together with his only a few hours previously wedded wife Eva, née Braun, commit suicide. Hitler shoots himself with a pistol in the head, Eva poisoned herself. To 15.50 both of the corpses of Hitler's Valet, Heinz Linge, crime Aldi rector Peter Högl, SS-hauptsturmführer Lindloff and SS-obersturmführer Hans Reiser to the top to be worn in the garden of the Reich Chancellery.

both bodies are at the Top near the entrance – just as Hitler arranged it self was doused with gasoline and set on fire. Between 16 PM and 18.20 burn. According to SS-Rottenführer Hermann Karnau, the meat bobbed "up and down".

Against 18.30 pushed the charred but not completely burnt corpses on wooden boards, and in about 90 centimeters in depth in a bomb crater in the garden of the Reich Chancellery, is buried. Soviet leader Stalin is disappointed that he didn't get Hitler alive in the hands. When he gets the message of his suicide, he says: "he Has done it so, pig dog".

Station 2, Friday, 4. In may 1945, the second funeral: fighter of the 3. Shock army, including Ivan Curakov, discover in a Bomb crater two to be unrecognizable burnt corpses. It is Adolf and Eva Hitler, don't guess. The bodies are wrapped in Blankets and in the same place again buried.

The Goebbels family joined the couple Hitler

Station 3, 5. In may 1945, the third funeral: The Soviet soldiers Deryabin and Tsybockhin, as well as the chief of the 79. Battalion, Ivan Klimenko, dig up the bodies early in the Morning, laying in Blankets wrapped human Remains in a ammo box and transport them in the Soviet field hospital No. 496. It is located about 20 kilometers away on the grounds of the hospital Berlin-Buch in the wiltberg road 110. The Pathological Institute is located.

Herein, are also brought eight more bodies to be present from now to the accompaniment of the Remains of the couple: Hitler, propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, his wife Magda and their six children. Goebbels and his wife killed themselves also in the führer's bunker, a day after Hitler's. Previously, Magda has six children with poison. Each week provides you FOCUS Online with the most important news from the knowledge Department. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

historian Sandner: "The Expertise of the Soviets contains deliberate lies"

On 8. May court, the autopsy physician, Dr. fist Shkaravski of the 1. Russian Front, and Dr. Nikolai Krayevski, the chief pathologist of the Red army, the bodies white. Later, Dr. Michael Arnaudow is added, a former assistant to Professor Ferdinand Sauerbruch,. Hitler's jaw is taken and sent to Moscow. Harald Sandner: "The Expertise of the Soviets contains deliberate lies. As a result, the 'legend set' in the world, Hitler had poisoned cowardly rather than heroic shot".

doubts as to the authenticity of the body do not have the Doctors, especially, after two assistants have been confirmed by Hitler's former dentist, is the Teeth of the "leader". The mortal Remains will be buried, as it is said in a letter to Moscow, "in the area of the city book".

The ten bodies buried on the grounds of the hospital. 1963, will comment on the Soviet Marshal Sokolovsky about the condition of the Remains: "Although Hitler's body was burnt, he was found to be".

In an ammunition box, Hitler dead body after Finow

Station 4, may/June 1945, 4. Funeral: At the tomb of the ten dead to be discovered traces of a disturbance of the peace of the Grave. Background rumors of an alleged Nazi treasure. The bodies will be exhumed, in ammunition boxes 38 kilometers to the Finow managed and there at the edge of the city on the site of the new Russian garrison buried.

Station 5, 22. In may 1945, the fifth burial: The body is once again exhumed and then buried again.

Station 6, 3. In June 1945, the sixth burial: The Russian General Mesik traveling from Moscow to. The bodies will be exhumed a second Time and in the 125 kilometers away Rathenow transported. Here you will be buried on the outskirts in a forest. For camouflage of the pine trees will be planted on the grave. On 9. June, the Russian Marshal Zhukov alleged at a press conference in Berlin, there are several bodies had been found and that it was not sure that Hitler was really dead. This is a with intention in the world set false claim.

"half-rotten" state of Hitler's corpse,

Station 7, June 1945, seventh burial: The bodies again exhumed, and to Stendal, 37 kilometers away from Rathenau, brought. According to a report, you are in a "half-rotten" condition. In a forest, the seventh funeral takes place.

An investigation into the cause of death prevents

Station 8, December 1945 – 13. In January 1946, the eighth funeral: Lieutenant General Kobulow orders body a further investigation of Hitler's, as witnesses of a suicide by shooting reports and a Bomb crater in the garden of the Reich Chancellery, found the skull-piece is a by a Committee created hole.

Because the Soviet will guide to prevent an investigation, to be excavated, the human Remains once more and moved, this time to Magdeburg. 13. January will be to bury the ammunition boxes with the Remains in a two-Meter-deep pit in the yard of the Westend road 32 (today Klausener Straße 32). Kobulew not able to carry out its planned investigation.

Station 9, 21. February 1946, the ninth burial: For the eighth Time, to exhume the corpses, and Hitler's to be an autopsy on the Remains of another Time. After that, the crates in a Garage in the courtyard of the Soviet military settlement to be buried under the 18-inch-thick concrete floor slab.

Station 10, 5. April 1970, the tenth burial: Because the military settlement is to be handed over to the GDR authorities, can KGB chief Yuri Andropov, the Remains permanently destroy, as he feared that they might be found at any construction.

Five KGB officers exhume in the shelter of a tent Hitler's corpse at the 4. April for the ninth Time. The bones of all ten bodies are migrated in Kalashnikov crates. The senior Colonel Kowalenkow orders that the action must be kept forever secret.

The Remains to be done for an hour burned

At dawn the following day, a Sunday, Hitler's last journey. All the ten corpses on the grounds of the barracks of the 248. Guard-Mot-schützen regiment of the 10. Armored division in Schönebeck, about eleven kilometers away from Magdeburg, brought.

The crates are stacked in front of the morgue of the barracks on a pyre, with 20 litres of petrol poured over it for an hour and completely burned. Then you are swept up in a Sack in the coal ash is added.

Then three soldiers to the nearby village of Biederitz. Here, you pour the ashes into the river Ehle, a tributary of the Elbe. Whether the bridge, from which they perform their work, has been accidentally or deliberately selected because of her Name, is unknown: it is called the pig-bridge.

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